4 New Yogyakarta Tourism Spots with Natural Landscape to Visit

Regionally, Yogyakarta has been known since many times ago as a city of culture and education. Its culture is really famous due to the fact that it is a province in Indonesia which still maintains its royal reign. It is known also as an education city because there are many students all around the country and even foreigners come over there to study. Despite those two facts, Yogyakarta tourism still has some natural destinations not to be missed. Fascinatingly, whether you love beaches or mountainous areas, both are available here. There are at least 4 new natural tourism destination spots that you need to visit. Here they are.

Kesirat Beach

Do you love camping while enjoying the landscape of beach? This site must be on your list. Different from other beaches famous for its white sand, Kesirat beach is basically a beach with slope type placed in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. What makes this kind of Yogyakarta tourism interesting is regarding is view which is really heavenly. There is a large green field full of grass where you can take a rest and relax your body there. Then, your eyes can directly see the sea after this. What makes it more iconic is the presence of big tree to take a shelter under. It is much better to visit the beach on evening to see the sunset and then spend the night there.

Ngobaran Beach

Beach is usually only beach, a place where the land and sea meets. But how if you can enjoy the beautiful beach along with see such cultural heritage? It must be double interesting. Well, it is namely Ngobaran beach which is still located in Gunungkidul area. When the water is subsided, you can easily see a field of alga and seaweed in green and brown. Hundred sea animals can be enjoyed as well swimming and walking around the corals. Hindu cultures are really felt around this place. You can see it from the buildings, temples and statues around the beach.



Well, after being satisfied enough with the beach landscape, it is so great to visit the mountainous areas. One of Yogyakarta tourism which is really unique is a place namely Kalibiru. It is basically a land placed a little bit higher than others. Again, you will be spoiled by the astonishing landscape around. The view of large green forestry is seen from the station available. What makes it more unique is that to reach the station you should go up through traditional stairs. The stairs themselves are patched on a very high pine tree.



Many of you must love hiking or climbing. It is great if you can hike on a real mountain. But if you are still the beginners, there is no way which is more interesting except try to hike Nglanggeran. It is basically a primordial mount formed from lava of Mount Merapi thousand years ago. It makes this mount is not too high without lessening the ways you enjoy the landscape. Interestingly, if you are already on the top of the mount you are not only able to enjoy the view around but even the Yogyakarta city itself. That’s why it is so recommended to camp here in order to see the city lights from the height. Based in that fact, it is reasonable to add Nglanggeran as one of the best new Yogyakarta Tourism.


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