6 things Best Tourist Spot in Baturaden Purwokerto

If you go to Central Java, there are these awesome tourist spot that you can find in Purwokerto, the regency of Banyumas.  Baturaden is the main attraction that located in highlands after Purwokerto city.  Baturaden is nature beauty view that offers several tourist attractions that spread in wide areas.  Here are summary for the wide selections of beauty attractions in Baturaden.

  • Hot Spring. In Baturaden area. Here are two hot spring areas in Baturaden, Pancuran 7 and Pancuran 3. The name means literally to the amount of the hot spring. Bathing in the hot spring offer tourist the healing therapy with the mud and hot spring. The water temperature is about 60-70 degree Celsius. To go to the hot spring, it requires walking to the spring in higher area. Therefore, if you want to go to hot spring in Baturaden, you need to prepare great stamina because it located in high land and far from the baturaden gate.
  • Camp tourist Baturaden. The Baturaden camp tourist is perfect place for those who love outdoor activity. You can build tent in the camp area and enjoy beautiful night in the camp area. The camp location is located in 2Km after Baturaden entry gate.
  • Telaga Sunyi. Visit the pure water source in Telaga Sunyi.  This is lake with nature view and you can enjoy beautiful scenery in this lake.
  • Grebeg Syura. Grebeg Syura is tourist attraction that yearly held in first month in Islam calendar. This is cultural event that held for praying to God and start the new calendar on Islam calendar. There is Calung performances, Lengger dance, and mystic performance Kuda Lumping.
  • Theater nature Baturaden. Enjoy the experience from watching nature theatre in Baturaden. From aero plane Foxer 28, you can watch film with flight sensation.
  • Baturaden Natural Park. In this Natural Park, there is small zoo and museum that become perfect place for family attractions. In this park also a rare flower garden such as Havana flowers, Anthurium, and Amaryllis.  Amaryllis bloom becomes great tourist attraction in December.

The next tourist attraction is Small World Park in Ketenger village. This is the newest tourist attraction in Baturaden area. The destination is miniature of famous building in around the world include Eiffel Tower from French, Colosseum and Pissa tower from Italia, Liberty Statue from America,  Merlion from Singapore, and Monas from Indonesia and much more. There are about 18 miniatures that finish build in this small world area and in the future, it planning for additional 30 more miniature building.  The ticket entry priced 15.000 rupiah in weekday and 25.000 rupiah in weekend. The park is opened start from 7.00 mornings till 10.00 nights in weekday and for Saturday and Sunday, it open until 12.00 nights. The night view offer you more beautiful view with candle and lamp in the park.  There are many others tourist attraction that able to visit in Purwokerto. If you spend much time in Purwokerto, do not forget to enjoy the culinary from this city, Mendoan.

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