7 Best Beautiful Places in Indonesia

Have you ever gone to Indonesia? Well, most of people do not know well about Indonesia but they know Bali. Bali is one part of Indonesian cities that has beautiful beaches and temples. Thus there are many other cities which have well-known places in Indonesia. Explore the best Indonesian destination to see while you are visiting Indonesia.

7 Indonesian beautiful places.

If you are confused of finding which Indonesian places have nice view because it’s the first time for you visiting Indonesia, here is information of best Indonesian destination that has been a must place to visit once you are in Indonesia.

  1. Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara. As one of the most fascinating creatures that is still alive, people must be interested in seeing it. This creature would be able to grow up to three meters long and its weight is about 70 kilograms. With sharp claws and poisonous saliva, they become the wildest animal. This world largest lizard, komodo, lives only in Indonesia.
  2. Raja Ampat, Papua. The natural beautiful underwater scenery where many sea creatures live makes Raja Ampat dream destination for the divers. This place is kind of hard to be accessed but once you are successful to get there, you will see the coral reef ecosystem which contains 700 species of mollusk, 530 species of coral and 1,300 different species of fish.
  3. Mount Bromo, East Java. If you love hiking, why don’t you go this this place? Mount Bromo has been the famous destination where hikers gather. This mount is not only beautiful but also still active. Its active status makes people are interested to look.
  4. Samalona Island, South Sulawesi. More and more people are getting interested to visit this island because it has the richest reef ecosystem that you can see while you are diving. There, you might taste the fresh seafood anywhere. You are also able to live in Rumah Panggung, Sulawesi traditional house which is made of wood.
  5. Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara. There, you could find several interesting destinations like Kuta Beach, Mount Rinjani, with sand beaches, etc. If you love surving, then, you should consider visiting this place as your destination since it has become one of the best surfing spots in the world.
  6. The ‘Tiger Island’, DKI Jakarta. This destination place is near enough from the Marina, Ancol. This island becomes nice snorkeling spots, white sand, crystal clear water, etc. With chilled atmosphere and fresh food available, your travelling would be enjoyable. Moreover, you could do conservation activities there like planting mangroves.
  7. Borobudur and Prambanan temple, Central Java. If you are kind of religious one, you need to go to this place. There, you would see directly the oldest Buddhist temple where 500 Buddha statues and 2,000 relief panels existed. In addition, you would be able to explore street art, gamelan concerts, puppet makers, etc. there since Java is well-known of such things.

After reading the information of best Indonesian destination, hopefully you will find perfect destination for your own self.

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