An Adventurous Rock Climbing Experience in Mount Parang

Are you seeking for your next adventure with terrific scenery and rocky challenge? Then, you should finish reading this article until the very last paragraph. Today, we will share you one of the greatest places for rock climbing in West Java. Next time you visit Purwakarta, you should stop by at Mount Parang.

The location of Mount Parang

Mount Parang is located in Cuhuni, Sukamulya Village, Tegalwaru District, Purwakarta. It is two to three hours away from Jakarta by car. But the starting point for rock climbing is not located in Sukamulya Village but it’s in Cirangkong. It’s about 1 kilometer away from Cihuni Village. Make sure you don’t visit this mountain during dry season. The view around Mount Parang during dry season seems little bit dry with ripe yellow rice fields. It will be very far different if you visit this mountain during rainy season. The view is amazing with green rice fields along the way up. But of course, it will not safe to do rock climbing during rainy season.

Rock climbing via ferrata

Before you start your journey to rock climbing in Mount Parang, you will have short briefing about via ferrata and the safety equipment. What is via ferrata? The phrase comes from Italian which means “iron road”. So, it means you will do rock climbing around protected climbing route. Of course, it will be lot easier than do the “real” rock climbing that depends on the natural rock formations or rock walls that can be narrow and slippery. Via ferrata is the safest way to do rock climbing for everyone as long as they are in a healthy condition. No matter if you are men, women and even youngster; you can do rock climbing safely and have a great experience. This via ferrata at Mount Parang is the first one built in Indonesia and it is the second highest of via ferrata in Asia.

Safety equipment

The safety equipment needed for rock climbing via ferrata is seat harness which has leg straps as the buffer of the person’s weight, carabiner used for protects your body into steel wire, lanyard arm which is the rope that can connect the carabiner with energy absorber that has function to reduce the voltage of the rope. The other safety equipment is gloves to protect your hands during rock climbing. Last but not least is helmet as the protection for your head. It can protect you from falling stones.

You will not regret the experience you are going to have in this one of the greatest places for rock climbing. Don’t forget to wear your sunglasses to keep dust, sharp falling objects and dirt out of your eyes.

Source of photo: ig-@muhammadfebryansyah

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