Bandung, Herritage of Paris Van Java

Bandung is cool place that perfect for your vacation. Do these tourist attractions for getting unforgettable vacation in Bandung. Bandung is popular place for shopping, cool nature view, and art and culture performances. There are different things that can do for having great adventure and unforgettable moment. Bandung, the capital city in West Java Province has cool and calming weather. It called with Paris van Java due to its heritage culture and arts. Here are activities that you can do while you are in Bandung.

  1. Ranca Upas, Ciwidey.  There is several activities that you can do in Ciwidey. Except the White Lake (Kawah Putih), visit Ranca Upas for feed deer and camp in Deer Conservation Park and Camping. The wild deer is able to feed and you can buy the feed in the park. There also hot spring and water rides so this is perfect family vacation destination that you need to try.
  2. The Lodge Earthbound Adventure Park. This is perfect family destination with outdoor activities. Spend your weekend with family as the activity is available for any ages. If you want to spend vacation and looking for quiet sensation, then choose meditation amidst in pine tree. You can enjoy the cool mountain wind in your face. You also can play shooting game in paintballs.
  3. Connect with Nature Closer. Want to get close approach with nature in your vacation? There are several options of nature view that you can choose start from Dago Pakar, Taman Hutan Raya, Maribaya park,  and many more. In Dago Pakar, you can explore more than 2500 fauna species with many things to do in the forest.  Taman Hutan Raya or also called “Tahura” is located 30 minutes from center of city. Covered 590 hectares land, this is place for bandung conservation plants and flower diversity.  In Maribaya Park, you can visit Maribaya waterfall. This park is located in walkway from Tahura.
  4. Unique Hotels and Resorts in Bandung. Accommodation is just one consideration that you can choose for unforgettable moment. The accommodation should be one thing that can release after you is tired after activity. The sapu Lidi resorts offer you the beauty nature view in thatched wooden roof huts. It offer nature melody and waterfall echo.
  5. Culinary Destination.  Bandung is heaven for culinary lover.  Just spend around little and you might find theme culinary to try. Kampung Daun is best restaurants that offer themed eat in Bamboo gazebo. You can enjoy the watery waterfall sounds.
  6. Coral Rocks in Padalarang. Take hiking activity in Mount Pasigit and visit Pawon caves that become historic site for ancient humans. Take few steps to the mountain peak and there are finest calcium rick rocks that able to see along the beach downside.

Bandung is town that rich in heritage and unique culture. The city flower also called for this town. There are millions tourist go to this city every year. Enjoy the historical site in town and taste the street food is awesome experience in your vacation.

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