Beautiful clear water beach, Lengkuas Island

If you visit Bangka Belitung in your next holiday, do not forget to visit lengkuas Island. In this island, you can enjoy the beautiful clear water beach. Beach is travel destination that popular to visit when people go to holiday travel.  The special things that make this island interesting to visit aside of its beautiful beach, there is a sea light house in the highest point island that have hundreds years age. This island is small islanding that only have1 hectare wide but it is beautiful view that should not to be missed.  There is big granite stone with unique shape. The sea light house is built from 1882 from colonial heritage and it still uses for traffic for sea and boat that across Belitung Island. The height from the sea light house is about 50 meters and the visitor can enter this sea light house. This sea light house has teens of floors that makes people can enjoy different point of view from the island.

Do not expect too much wit accommodation that provide in this island. This island has minimum facility but it has public toilet and it the best part that you need to submit when you want to visit this island is bring your own clear water. In this island, there are no sources for fresh water and the only source for fresh water is from other near island. Therefore, if you go to this island use your fresh water wisely. For stay in this hotel, you can make ground camping or stay in Tanjung Kelayang that far away about 20 minutes from the island. To reach this island, you can rent fisherman boat from several places, like tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung kelayang or Tanjung Binga. The transportation reach about 20-45 minutes, depend the location you arrived.  The price for rent the boat is about 350,000 rupiah until 500.000 rupiah. The capacity each boat about 10 persons. You can save your money if you hire a boat with other traveler for rent a boat.

The activity that traveler can do in this small island is swimming and snorkeling. You can bring your own snorkeling equipment or rent from the snorkeling equipment that available in this island with reachable price. To take to this island there are no ticket price to entry this island. There are 3 operators that friendly into visitor and able to give information from the visitor. There are small islands that around this island and made from big granite stones. These small island is able to reach by walking or swimming in narrow sea deep of 1,2 m. If you want to visit this island, you are recommended for visit this island from certain month. This is because in certain month especially in December to January, this sea has big waves that risk for traffic boat. The best time to travel to this island is in March to November.  The time is time when sea has calm wave and warm weather. This will make your travel excellent.

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