Best Central Java tourist attraction

Central java is province in Indonesia that famous and popular with it is cultural attraction and beauty nature. There is several tourist attractions that you need to visit when you are in Central Java.

If you plan to Central Java, these tourist attractions need to visit and take to your itineraries.

  • Dieng Plateau. Located in Wonosobo and Banjarnegara regency, this is tourist attraction that you need to visit. There are many tourist objects that you can visit such as temple sites that spread in several spot such as Arjuna Temple complex, sulfur hot lake, and of course you can enjoy beautiful nature beauty from the forest ad farm along the beauty. Each year, there is a Dieng Festival event that held in month July to August. This festival leads you to the culture rich from Dieng citizen. The main part from this festival is ritual for cut hair of Gimbal children. You can reach this complex from both regency, Banjarnegara and Wonosobo. There is a ticket that provide from both regency for continue tourist visit or buy ticket from each tourist object.
  • After visit Dieng Plateau, then you can move to south regency to visit Guci hot spring. Located in Tegal, this place believed can heal any diease and illness. The accommodation that available in this object that have wide 210 hectare is pool of hot water spring, camping ground, hotel, and sport spot include tennis field and soccer field.
  • Karimunjawa Island. Karimunjawa Island is located in North Semarang and Jepara regency. This island is content of 27 small island and there only 5 island that occupy with resident. Karimunjawa Island is popular beach tourist attraction that popular with beauty nature and tourist attraction that offered. In this island, you can play with small shark and turtle. To visit this island, check the boat schedule carefully.
  • The education holiday with your children is important for teach them about Indonesia culture and history. If you want to teach your children with education holiday, please visit Puri Maerokoco that located in central Java capital city, Semarang. This museum is often called with easiest way for introduce your children into traditional house from central Java. Except the traditional house, there also tourist spot that attract your children to play in this museum such as water cycle, floated market, boat rent, and many others. The price ticket to enter this place is 10.000 prices per person and this museum is open from 8.00 am into 6 afternoons.
  • Kartini beach. This is object travel destination that located in jepara and become transit for those who want to go to Karimunjawa Island. This is travel destination that also called with healing destination because there is sauna that believed can heal any disease and illness. In this beach, you can enjoy the facility and attraction such as animal zoo, children playground area, rent boat and many more.

There are many others tourist attraction in Central java that can refresh your tired brain and body. If you want to visit these tourists attraction check for the schedule before you goes to the city.

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