Bunaken Tourism; Best Rated Charm Marine Park in Manado

Bunaken Travel Park is the most popular tourist spot in Manado. Number of tourists visiting Manado to Bunaken shows an upward trend year after year. Statistical data recorded at the end of August 2012, the number of tourist visits Bunaken reached 21 889 7850 from within the country and from abroad. On average, the tourist attractions Bunaken in Manado visited more than 35 thousand people every year.

The beauty of coral reefs and underwater paradise in Bunaken Manado is a comparative advantage of the most alluring of a number of diving spots in the world. Travel Manado Bunaken is one of the best in Indonesia, in addition to Raja Ampat in Papua and Pulau Weh, Sabang.

Bunaken tourism is located in the Bay of Manado, geographically located in north Sulawesi. Together with Siladen and Mantehage Island, Bunaken Marine Park established a Bunaken National Park Manado Indonesian government that was inaugurated a few years ago.

The Enchantment of Bunaken Marine Park

The best part of Bunaken is the existence of coral reefs. There you can find 2.000 species of fish and diverse marine life, such as wrase, trigger, dansel, sweetlip, unicorns and others. The other fascinating thing from Bunaken is that 1.000 m depth of the sea.

Deep on the sea, you can find many types of big fish, such as marlin, shark, tuna, hammerhead, stingray, screens, dolphin, barracuda, until the pope. In some lucky moment, you also can find dugongs, sea king fish, and also turtles.

Underwater Great Walls or usually called as the hanging walls which can be found in underwater world of Bunaken Marine Park is the greatest central attention. The wall is about 25-50 meter and it is made of giant rock which stands vertically and curved upward. Many fish get food source from the wall.


Snorkeling and Diving in Bunaken

There is plenty of snorkel equipment rental and diving at Bunaken, prices ranging from Rp 150 thousand per person per day. On average, the price of rental tool has been fixed and the same applies in many rental places in Bunaken. As an illustration, with Rp 150 thousand you would get snorkel tools like a mask, flippers and wetsuit.

To take pictures underwater, you can also pay Rp 350 thousand. To get a snorkel guide, you will be charged equal to the cost of renting snorkel equipment. If you’ve never been accustomed to diving, then the guide will be ready to teach you the techniques of diving.

Other Activities in Bunaken Tourism

Actually, only by walking around the beach in Bunaken alone can be an interesting experience. Therefore, the tourist attractions in Manado are indeed a beautiful beach panorama. Sea water is green, natural scenery sea in Bunaken will leave a strong impression for you. If you like to walk across the sea Bunaken, then you can catch the catamaran, which is a glass vessel leased off the Coast of Bunaken Island.

The glass-walled catamarans, so you can enjoy the beauty of the underwater Bunaken. In addition to catamaran, there are also Blue Banter submarines that will only operate during high tides. Of course, you have to spend quite a lot to be able to take the experience of this marine tourism. However, the pleasure will be commensurate with the cost! Tourism activities so you can encounter in the sights Siladen in Manado.

Admission Fee of Bunaken Tourism

To be able to get into the tourist area of Bunaken Marine Park, you have to have passes and tickets can be obtained Bunaken in Manado or also directly in Bunaken National Park. The admission price of Bunaken tourism is Rp 2 thousand per person per day for the tourists in the country. As for foreign tourists, Bunaken admission price is Rp 50 thousand per person per day or can be directly purchased for one year is Rp 150 thousand per year.

Transportation from/to Bunaken Manado

Access to transportation to Bunaken Manado is very easy. Sam Ratulangi airport services direct flights from and to foreign countries, such as Singapore, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, and Davao in the Philippines. The passenger terminal at the airport also has supporting facilities of international standard. To reach the city of Manado, you can take a taxi at a cost of Rp 150 thousand to Rp 200 thousand from the airport.

As for how to get to the island of Bunaken from Manado city, there are two options set out, namely from Bersehati Market or from the Marina. The rental rate ship of the Market Bersehati to Bunaken is around Rp 300-400 thousand. Rates will be more expensive if you depart from the Marina, which ranges from Rp 600-800 thousand. Alternatively, you can use a traditional boat for only Rp 50 thousand per person. From the port of Manado to Bunaken Island will take about 30 minutes.

If you want directly to the dive sites in Bunaken Island, it will take about 20 minutes. If you depart from the Marina, you will be boarding a cruise, and this is the reason why it costs more, and travel for 10-15 minutes to be able to Bunaken Island.

Lodging and Hotels in Bunaken

Of course you might be interested in finding accommodation or cheap hotel in Bunaken. However, you can actually choose to stay in the city of Manado or Bunaken. If the selection in the city of Manado, there will be plenty of lodging options, from budget hotels cost Rp 100 thousand per night up to a five star hotel at the rate of millions of rupiah per night.

If you want to stay in Bunaken Island, you can take a cottage or a house that is widely available along the beach there. Cottage rental price varies, depending on the distance to the location of the marine park cottages. The closer the location of the cottage with sea garden is, the more expensive the rent is.

Typically, the rental price is calculated per person there. The average size of the cost of renting cottages in the Park is around Rp 150 thousand to 350 thousand per person per night. The price includes 3 meals a day with a predominantly seafood menu.

Bunaken tourism is one of tourist destination that you must visit in Indonesia It offers too much sea beauty that you could not find in other places.

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