The Most Challenging Rafting Spots in Indonesia

Rafting no doubt is one of the most extreme sports which become almost everyone favourite. Many people love this water sport since it boosts adrenalin into super high level. The freaking out when hitting big rocks, the sense of thrown away when facing the sharp turn, and jolting sensation when the boat decline the river slope, these kinds of sensation only can be enjoyed by courageous people. Perhaps, there are still many people who don’t know but Indonesia has must-try rafting spots in the world.

Asahan River

Asahan is renowned with rafting track among both local rafters as well as foreign rafters. This track has been commonly chosen to hold national and international rafting tournament. Asahan River also places third position of the best rafting spots in the world following Zambesi River and Colorado River. This river offers only two highest tracks for rafting which are Grade IV (Extreme) and Grade V (Advanced). The river rapids in this place are continuing which may cause fatigue in rafters. Hence, it is important to get your physical fitness ready previously before try this rafting track. The entire track requires two days to finish but there are some resting posts offered by the management. To reach Asahan River, from Polonia Airport Medan, you need to use public bus to Toba Samosir which takes around 4 to 5 hours. Then, use another public bus to head for Tangga Village. If you want to enjoy some nights here, you can stay in local’s house with affordable rate since there is no hotel around.

Alas River


Alas river becomes the second famous rafting spot in Indonesia since it is occasionally national rafting tournaments are held here. The track of this river comes with many turns and several of them are sharp. The debit of water is also quite high make it offers Grade III (Intermediate) and Grade IV (Extreme) of rafting track. Alas River offers special rafting track since it is surrounded by huge rainforest. Hence, when you slide down along the track, you are able to spot big trees anywhere as well as some animals along the way. If you are not exhausted, you can continue to explore this forest after rafting. Visit this place is quite easy as small plane is available in Alas Leuser Airport. You also can travel on land by using public bus from Medan to Banda Aceh. This place also offers adventure packages minimally IDR 1.800.000 for 3 days 2 nights.

Ayung River


Bali also offers one of the best rafting tracks Indonesia with its Ayung River. Rivers in Bali commonly are not truly dangerous but they tend to be especially after heavy rains. Hence, some rivers here are good are beginner rafters. Ayung River which provides 12 km of rafting track serves as good and safe rafting spot. This river starts from Payangan and finish in Kedewatan village. As you will slide down the track, you can see fascinating view which is the combination of deep valleys, wide paddy fields and tropical rainforest. This river plays important role for the locals since they use it commonly for irrigation and daily needs.

Photo: Gravity-Adventure


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