The Coolest Nature Tourism Lembah Anai Padang

If you want to get a different travel experience, then you must conduct nature tourism Lembah Anai Padang. Lembah Anai is wonderful waterfall located on the edge of the road that connects the city of Padang and Bukittinggi City, two cities as centers of governance, economic development and tourism in the province of West Sumatra. A fitting place in terms of road, make this waterfall can attract a few tourists both local and foreign. The waterfall is included also into conservation site of Lembah Anai nature reserve, but unfortunately the nature reserve as if hidden behind a big name of  Lembah Anai Waterfall.

The scenic beauty emitted by Lembah Anai waterfall with natural image which is still beautiful to support the addition of a few visits to tourist areas of West Sumatra,. Therefore, the West Sumatra Provincial Government through the Department of tourism decision-making sights  Lembah Anai Waterfall to be one of the icons of tourism in the province.


Source of nature tourism Lembah Anai Padang waterfall comes from Mount Singgalang. Its clear waters flow down the hills towards the slopes, then flow again through the nature reserve previously Anai Valley up on the edge of the precipice. From this cliff, then plunged into the water flow basic valley has a height of 50 mtr Area and make a crater sump. The water is rapidly decreasing together one after another and splashing water mist. The fog makes a beautiful cluster of colorful when irradiated by sunlight.

Previous up in place, either for some travelers who came from Padang or Bukittinggi go through a winding road with a beautiful panorama. On the right and left of the road, some travelers can see the valley and verdant hills overgrown with various trees. In during the road approaching the Anai Valley Waterfall, some tourists can also see the monkeys that roam as though gladly welcome the presence of several travelers who come from far away. It is also the same as the situation in Area attractions, where gangs roam many monkeys.


Lembah Anai waterfall is located in Lembah Anai, Ten Koto subdistrict, Tanah Datar, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

People used to call it with Aia Padang Tajun or Aia Mancua Lembah Anai. The waterfall is about 35 meters altitude is part of the Batang Lurah River flows in from Singgalang leading Anai fault line. There are three waterfalls in this location, one of which is located in a side street which is often known as Lembah Anai Waterfall. While two other waterfalls covered by thick forest, so it is not widely known by the public. Travelers who want to see two waterfalls that can travel about 15 minutes from the site Lembah Anai waterfall.

Not far from the location of the waterfall there is a large rocky streams that flow of clear water. Above the river, you can see the railway bridge made by Netherlands.


If tourists began traveling from the city of Padang, the trip can be taken along more or less 1 hour use public transport; the cost is around Rp.15.000-20.000. With the exception of public transport, rail tourism could also be an alternative.


Entrance tickets are relatively cheap only Rp. 1.500,00 per person.

Accommodations and Other Facilities

There are many spaces that can be used by some travelers to get the benefits of giving comfort while recreation. In during the road in these places there are stalls that serve a variety of food and drinks, and various souvenirs typical of West Sumatra, such as Keripik Sanjay, rendang rice, galamai (dodol), and various other souvenirs. For some tourists who do not prepare food before vacation, do not need to worry, because among the area, there are so many stalls that line the street as well as long there are many places to stay eat which serves a variety of typical dishes of the cuisine of Padang.

For convenience some travelers who ride private cars, there is ample parking for parking of vehicles. Beyond that, this tourist object can have bathroom facilities as well as a place to change clothes after washing the body after a bath under a waterfall splash.

Nature tourism Lembah Anai Padang will not only provide you a beautiful scenery, but also a different experience of vacation.

Photo: Indonesia Kaya

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