Dieng Culture Festival

The yearly Event Dieng Culture Festival is pass in middle of August and leave the memorable moment for thousands tourist that visit the Plateau to follow the festival.  If you wondering what you can expect when you visit this high plateau that located in border two regencies, Wonosobo and Banjarnegara then read this article further more. The festival present art and cultural perform, the exhibition of local product such as carica, Purwaceng and the unique ritual for dreadlocks of Dieng children.  Purwaceng is great for en stamina. The events are present different art and culture performs such as traditional lanterns opening, leather puppet shows, and fireworks party.  The last event, in Dieng culture festival 2016, it present Dieng festival Film and jazz performances.  The event that always held in every year is the ritual for trimming hair of dreadlocks Dieng kid.  This is the most wanted and main feature in the Dieng culture Festival.

If you see the dreadlocks kids in Dieng, it might remind you with the Rastafarian hairstyle of Jamaica. In Dieng, the dreadlocks hair in Dieng children kid is matted hair that also featured with mystique story behind that only occurs in Dieng’s children. Children with dreadlocks hair are born with normal hair, but in certain time in earlier and young age, their hair is turning into dreadlocks with itself.  The children with this hair dreadlocks, is said chosen by ancestor for accept the gifts. The dreadlocks myth is unable to trim off unless the children ask for it by themselves. When the hair is trimmed without the children ask, then the dreadlock will grow back. Different with the condition when the dreadlocks hair is trimmed with the children ask, then it will grow normally. The celebration of the dreadlocks hair shave is known as Ruwatan Bocah Gimbal ceremonies.  The procession of ceremony is held with carried the Gimbal children into parade with traditional Dokar that followed with royal troops. These kids then carried into Arjuna temple where the dreadlock hair will be cut. The shaved dreadlock hair then taken into the lake and submerged as presents for the ancestor.

After follow the ritual, you can explore the beauty of nature view in Dieng Plateau. Dieng is literally come from “Hyang” that means “Abode of the Gods”. It is remarkable highlands that have collection of temples that located in different places in the area. Tourist can explore the nature view in Dieng start from Sikunir I Hill, Lake Colour, pengilon Lake, Merdada Lake, Sikidang crater, Prau Mountaineering, Arjuna temple, Dieng Plateau theater, and Tieng Substation view.  Each of them offers beautiful scenery in nature view.  Sikidang crater is the recent crater in Dieng volcano activity. The crater has high sulfur content so tourist should be careful when they see the crater. Sikunir hill is famous place sunrise spot. Come in dry season between July until August for enjoying spot observations without any clouds and rains. Come to the hills in dawn or go to early morning for enjoying sunrise.


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