Enjoy the Summer More in Lombok Island

Bali is not something new in term of tourism spot in Asia. Well, if you love the nuance of tropical, it must be on a must list to visit. However,how about its neighbor, Lombok island? Have you ever been there before? If you are not, it is better to pay more attention to this place anyway. Why? That’s because its beauty is not less from Bali. Besides, as it is not as famous as Bali, it tends to be quieter and still which makes it really suitable for you who want to refresh your mind. There are some places which are great to be visited once you come there. What are they? Check them out.

Mount Rinjani

Okay, this mount is probably the main icon of Lombok island itself. Particularly if you really love climbing and hiking, it is so unfortunate if you don’t have a chance to visit this place. The term of beauty is basically really relative and dependable. However, Rinjani is already called as the most beautiful mount in Indonesia and even Asia. To find the more heavenly landscape it is much better to do camping here. The reason is one, you can enjoy more the sunset and sunrise from the most appropriate places.

Desert Point


Another kind of sport which is really perfect to be done around Lombok Island is surfing. Yes, there are some spots with great waves to be enjoyed. One of them is called as Desert Point or in local language it is namely Bangko Bangko. What makes it special is that Desert Point is categorized as one of the best surfing spot in the world. For the accommodation, there are many cottages available there. Of course, it depends on your expectation whether you love the simple or maybe the prestigious ones. Interestingly many cottages are designed in traditional characteristics to make you feel the nuance of Lombok more.

Pink Beach


Sand of beach is commonly in white or even grey. So, how if you find a beach in which the sand there is pink? It must be really unique, isn’t it? Well, Lombok Island has it. There is a beach there where the white sand is mixed with the shards of pink coral. In other words, the sand itself is basically white as usual. If the beach is seen from the height you can see the combination of blue sea and pink land which is very astonishing.

Gili Trawangan


Gili Trawangan is a right place for enjoying underwater landscape. This place has a relatively shallow water which makes it easier to do water sports and any other activities here. The most common things to be done in Gili Trawangan is snorkeling and diving. Of course, you can also swim if you really like it. At night, the island can be the best place for young people. What do you think about beach party with music all night long? Gili basically means a small island and Gili Trawangan is one from three small islands near Lombok. Sure, if you want you can also visit other Gilis to enjoy the tourism spots there. So, are you interested to visit Lombok Island?

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