Equator Monument in Pontianak, West Borneo

Indonesia is a country that passed with Equator line. To remind the especial things of Equator line, then build the monument. This is unique monument that becomes proud things for Pontianak Citizens. There are only 13 countries that passed with this equator line, and that’s why this monument becomes important spot for travel tourist destination. Equator monument is located in Khatulistiwa Street, North Pontianak. Becomes icon for Pontianak city, there is culmination event that held annually in middle of 21-23 March and 3 September. In this event, traveler can feel the sensation for standing in around the monument without shadow. Culmination itself is event where sun is located beyond the equator line that makes anything around the equator monument without shadow. This culmination also can make an egg standing in line without fall.

The special things in festive of culmination point there is art performance, expo, culinary festival and many more to bring tourist attraction to the festival. To go to this Equator monument you need to travel from center of town about 45 minutes. From Pontianak airport, you can go with Taxi or use motorcycle online driver in Pontianak. After that, you will cross the longest river in Indonesia Kapuas River. You can explore this river in Kapuas Bridge and Landak Bridge or ride with ferry that available in Kapuas River square. The culmination cycle that held in 21-23 March is called with Vernal Equinox that becomes signs for spring season. The culmination event that held in 21-23 september is called autumnal equinox that becomes earlier signs of fall season in other world side.  When you stand in Equator monument around 11.30 until 12.30 you will not find your shadow in front, back, or left or right sides. This event is because sun is located beyond of our head.

The monument is considers form 4 iron wooden pillars with 0.30 meter diameter. The height from two pillars in front is 3.05 meter and back pillar where it consider circle and arrows compasses is 4.40 meter height. In middle from circle diameter is written with Dutch language Evenaar along 2.11 meter and length of compasses is 2.15 meter. This monument itself has been renovation for several moments. The first monument is built from 1928 that shaped in pillars. The second renovation is in 1930 with pillars and circle and arrows. The next renovation is in 1938 with silaban architect. In 1990, this monument renovated again with dome and duplicate that have 5 times bigger size for protect the original monument in inside of the monument dome. As educational travel destination, this museum also has collections that related with the history of the monument and the history from Pontianak city itself.  The other collection is photography object that texts that describe the history from Equator monument.  In Indonesia itself there are three monument of Equator that located in three different places.  The first is located in Pontianak, West Borneo, in Jambak village, pariaman west Sumatra, and in Koto Alam village in West Sumatera. Koto Alam is called with Sakido Mura by Japanese people.

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