The Exotic Indonesian Places You Must Visit

Indonesia is well-known of having many beautiful places to visit. There are many Indonesian destinations that have been categorized as a worldwide like Komodo Island, Raja Ampat and Bali. Because of that, many tourists are interested in spending their time of holiday in a place in Indonesia. Explore the best exotic Indonesian place which people have not already known yet.

Exotic Places in Indonesia.

Exactly, you might not believe that actually there are many amazing destinations in Indonesia which people do not know yet. Here is the information of best exotic Indonesian place which still people purely have not known.

  1. Kawasan Taman Nasional Baluran, East Java. If you love exploring the jungle or forest simply just for knowing much about the species of the plants, you would better see this place. There are many forest you are able to see including Mangrove
  2. Goa Gong, East Java. Goa Gong is claimed to be the most beautiful cave in the world. Therefore, this worldwide cave must be very attracted and beautiful. There, you will be able directly to see the stalactite and stalacmite, a cone-shaped limestone deposit formed on the roof of a cave by seeping water in a natural way.
  3. Mount Kelimutu, East Nusa Tenggara. Mount Kelimutu is located in Flores. This mount is kind of volcano. Though it is volcano, Mount Kelimutu is very unique. That is because of the lake existed in its peak. The lake has three different colors that are red, white and blue. However, it would change sometimes. How unique!
  4. Mount Karst Bantimurung, South Sulawesi. If you would like to see the beautiful scenery, you’d better think of visiting this place. There are many kinds of plants live even in long summer because the air is never dried that there will be no drought.
  5. Derawan Island, East Kalimantan. For divers, sea has been very important. In this island, you could meet the sea with rich coral ecosystems where creatures like fish live. There, you are able to dive into the sea to see that scenery directly.
  6. Madakaripura waterfall, East Java. Located near Mount Bromo, about 45 km away from Purbalinggo, this waterfall should be visited by you who live there. The water of Madakaripura waterfall looks like green. It is told that this waterfall has become the inheritance of Gajah mada. It has been proved by the discovering of the Gajah Mada statue.
  7. Kawah Ijen, East Java. Volcano must be dangerous to all human but not this one. Kawah Ijen becomes the volcano which is domestically known well by local citizens. There is a lake in the peak of this volcano and its water looks very calm and clear. The light blue color of water become the one which attract people most to see.

There are actually many other best exotic Indonesian place which have been existed as well. Yet, those seven choices might be the famous one. Well, that is all about the information of exotic place in Indonesia which is hopefully useful for you who need it.

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