Explore Wildlife in Way Kambas National Park

If you go to Lampung, then go to Way Kambas National Park in Lampung that will make you able to touch and explore the wild life in the park, especially for the Sumatra Elephant, Sumatran Tiger and Rhino that protected with law. Way Kambas National Park has become the conservation for wildlife, especially the elephant conservation for long time.  The Hollywood actors, Leonardo Di Caprio visit this national park and donate in 2016. This National Park also considered as endemic for more than 300 bird species, include the white wing duck that able to watch in along the forest river with boat adventure. The visitor can explore the national park Way kambas with experienced local guide that able to hire for accompany them explore the Park with cycling, walking, hiking or with safari riding elephants. The conservation that basically with ecolodges are purposing in earns contribution for Way Kambas National park wild life protection.  Ecolodges is reached on short walk 500 meters from Park entrance. It adjoins with rural village. The ecolodges significantly help many villages around the national park Way Kambas benefit by employment and souvenirs goods purchase from locals. Suit with the name, it is eco-friendly so you can rest in the lodge in calm and relax.

Way Kambas National Park is considered 130.000 hectares that cover tropical rain forest with low land characteristic and swamp forest. The National park has been legally become reserve and conservation for endanger wildlife since 1972.  Since 1995, this national park becomes breeding center for Sumatran Rhino. There are protected and rare plants diversity that grows in this park such as palm, sea pine, puspa, pandan, ramin, oil, meranti, gelam, and api-api. The wild elephant that life in this national parks then some of them is trained in Elephant Training center to train the elephants with several things to do and help human such as for transport timber, elephant riding, and even for attractions.  If you wondering how elephant trained, you can go to Elephant Training Center and see how trainer educate wild elephant for playing football, shaking hands, pull the rope, swimming, and many others. Since established in 1985, this training center has successful education and tame elephants more than 290 elephants.


The Elephant Training Centre

The Elephant Training Centre is purpose to create mutualism relationship human with elephant. In the past, elephant is trained for use for ceremonial and warfare ride.  Of you want to explore more about this national park and diversity then you can go to Orangutan conservation.  This is conservation that due to protect the endanger Orangutan lives. It is similar with Orangutan protection in Borneo National park. There is wide array of flora and fauna collection in the national park. This is located in Bukit Tiga Puluh ( Tiga Puluh Hills).  This includes 143.223 hectare of national park that organized by Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program. The Rhinoceros of Sumatran is live in three different national parks in Sumatra it is Way Kambas, and Bukit Tigapuluh Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park.  Go wild by visit these national park in Sumatra where you planning to have itineraries in Sumatra.

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