Exploring the Amazing Chinatown in Singkawang City

Exploring Singkawang city would be a great idea for your vacation. It is unnecessary to travel to China to feel the oriental atmosphere. Singkawang city is the place where you can feel the oriental culture, culinary, and architecture from the any corner of the city. Singkawang orSan Keuw Jong is a city in West Borneo, Indonesia. This city is located about 145 km at the north of Pontianak. This city is surrounded by Pasi, Poteng, and Sakok mountains. The word Singkawang originally comes from Hakka, San knew jong, which refers to a city on a mountain and near a sea. The city which is also called as the town of a thousand pagoda offers the well-known Lunar New Year and Cap Go Meh attraction beside its white sand beaches and hills. Unlike other Chinatown in Indonesia, Singkawang city offers the different atmosphere where Chinese Language such as Hakka and Tio Ciu are still actively used in daily conversation by people in Singkawang city.

Singkawang City Cuisines

Having a trip in a city is not complete without tasting its culinary. It is especially for you who love to eat, tasting a new culinary has to be a-must agenda. Just like every city has, Singkawang city also has some local delicious culinary. Culinary in Singkawang city is a typical culinary of Chinatown. However, you can also find some fusion menu in the city. You do not need to worry about the taste. World has acknowledged that oriental culinary is always delicious in every way. Here are some suggested culinary that you must try when you visit Singkawang City. Grilled cuttlefish would be the first list. There is a reason why this street food in the first list. You can find this street food in almost any corner in the city. It might look regular, but the combination of local seasoning and the taste of oriental seasoning make this street food somehow taste amazing. Mie Tiaw Asu is the second list. Asu here means uncle. This cuisine looks like Chinese wet noodle. It will be amazing to eat this Chinese noodle with its bean sprouts and delicious sauce. The next is bubur gunting. Bubur gunting roughly means scissor porridge. However, it does not look exactly like that. It is a porridge with peeled green beans, syrup, starch, pandan leaf, and dried cakwe. Cakwe is also known as youtiao or Chinese cruller. It is served cutting out with a scissor, that is why the name becomes scissor porridge.

Singkawang City Tour

Singkawang city also has some city attraction for tourist. The best way to explore Singkawang city is to get yourself wonderfully lost in the city. By doing so, you can find some amazing unexpected place there. Renting a motorcycle would be the best suggestion for you. In the city, there lies many wonderful places such as Tri Dharma Bumi Raya Buddhist Temple. It is a place to pray for Chinese ethnic or Buddhists. Besides, you can go for history trip to Chinese Captain House or Holland House. If you like to go low, you can go to Hong Kong market or fishermen village. Thus, pack your stuffs and go travel for exploring Singkawang city.

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