Gunung Palung National Park, The Lost Paradise in West Borneo

Gunung Palung National Park is one of the most valuable forests in Indonesia, especially in West Borneo. Indonesia has been so famous with its natural beauty. Once Indonesia said as the equatorial emerald. This name comes from its large tropical forest area. It is only Brazilian Amazon rain forest who can compete with Indonesia rain forest. Borneo becomes one of the biggest compartment for Indonesia rain forest since its nearest area to the equator. It makes Borneo has so much beauty to reveal. One of the best beauty lies in Wes Borneo. It is in Gunung Palung National Park forest. The forest which has 90000 hectares in total area protect various and precious flora and fauna. There lies various ecosystem, such as mangrove forest, peat bogs, swamp forest, freshwater swamp forest, lowland tropical forest, and misty mountain forests. Gunung Palung National Park is located in Ketapang regency, West Borneo province. It is the best and largest tropical Dipterocarps forest area in Borneo, Indonesia. The National Park has 65% primary forest, which is clear from human activity and has various community of vegetation and wild animal.

What is in There

As its location is right on the equator, Gunung Palung National Park is a tropical area which has average rainfall of 3000 mm per year and temperature ranges from 25,5o – 35o C. This National Park is an endemic habitat for black orchid (Coelogyne pandurate) which can be found around Matan River, mostly in February to April. The lure of this exotic orchid lies on its form which is patterned green with a combination of black spots in the middle. This exotic flower only blooms for 5 to 6 days. Besides, this national park is also a home for 190 kind of birds and 35 kind of mammal which contribute of sowing the seeds of plants in this national park. All bird families and possibly all bird families of the entire Borneo live in this national park.

The typical animal which is mostly seen in this national park is proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus) or bekantan in local language, orangutan (Pongo satyrus), four-stripped ground squirrel (lariscus hosei), deer (Muntiacus muntjac pleiharicus), and honey bear.

This national park supports some facilities for tourists. Those facilities are guard shack, a research station, gatehouse, tower view/observer, path way, and others. The best eriod ot visit this national park ranges from June to September. However, if you want to see the black orchid blooms, make sure you visit in the period ranges from February to April.

How to Get There

Arriving to Pontianak, you can directly continue your journey to Sukadana or Melano Bay by car. It will take around 5 hours. Besides, you also have some alternative routes. You can take a speed boat heading to Batang Bay from Pontanak. The journey with speed boat will take around 4 hours. Afterwards, you can continue the journey to Melano Bay by motorcycle. Thus, it would be an amazing journey to uncover the hidden paradise in Gunung Palung National Park.

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