The Important Traveling Tips to Tanjung Lesung

Indonesia is fortunate to have a coastline that extends to the magnificent scenery. Almost in every corner of the island in the archipelago, you can find sprawling sand beaches. One of the beaches that has been recognized for the people of Jakarta and surrounding areas is Tanjung Lesung.

Tanjung Lesung is located 180 kilometers west of Jakarta City. Travelers can reach Tanjung Lesung through Tangerang-Merak toll road, Serang, Pandeglang, Labuan, and Panimbang. Shades of green trees combined with a smear of sand on the beach. Blend the colors that depict natural scenery perfectly.

In Tanjung Lesung, tourists can enjoy a wide selection of tours offered. Travel water sports such as banana boating, sea kayaking, and jetski can be done at the Beach Club. If you love photography, the area of Tanjung Lesung is an appropriate spot to document every corner of the place. Here are some traveling tips to Tanjung Lesung, Pandeglang, Banten, which should pay attention.

Bring Anti Drunk Medicine

Meanwhile, Tanjung Lesung is only accessible by land. If you use a private car from Jakarta, the highway will definitely be passed. When entering the Pandeglang district, the road will go up, down, and winding that will shake your body. The shocks will make you experience motion sickness. One way to prevent motion sickness is to drink hangover medicine before the trip.

Basic Diving Tools

Around Tanjung Lesung there are several diving spots that can be visited by tourists. The dive spots located in Batu Solving, Liwungan Island, around Beach Club, even around Ujung Kulon National Park. If you do not want to hire a basic tool dive on the locations, you can bring the tools by yourself, including fin (frog legs), mask, snorkel, and buoys.

Bring Snacks

Traveling will not complete if it does not bring snacks to accompany when walking around. Inside Tanjung Lesung, you will find it hard to find shops or stalls selling snacks. You should come out first toward the main gate to be able to buy snacks. If you do not want trouble to look for snacks, prepare this default before you arrive in the tourist area of Tanjung Lesung. You will pass the mini or small stalls selling your needs.

Extra Shirts

Playing on the beach and the sea, is not valid if your clothes are not wet. Along Tanjung Lesung, elongated beautiful coastline is ready to spoil your holiday. You can walk down the beach and enjoy the sunset. At Beach Club offers water sports tourism such as banana boating, sea kayaking, to snorkeling. Well meaning, you will get wet fun while enjoying adventure in the beautiful nature of this. Do not forget to bring a change of clothes.

After you understand the traveling tips to Tanjung Lesung, now it is time to see what you can catch up there. When you arrive in Tanjung Lesung you will be charged entrance fee of Rp 15,000. On the beach of Tanjung Lesung you will be spoiled with the views of the white sand and the vast stretches of sea air with breezes typical and soothing. White sand along 15 Km make you have enough space to perform activities such as playing in the sand or playing beach volleyball freely.

The position of the beach that is not directly facing the open sea made wind gusts and pounding ombakdi beach is not too big so that tourists can enjoy the beach with lots of water activities such as swimming, fishing, jetski or banana boat.

When tired of being on the beach you can visit the location of coral reef conservation contained in Karang Halak Tanjung Lesung and Liwungan Island. In addition you can travel to the village that most people work as craftsmen statue of rhinoceros.

You can also try the typical drink or see the fishing village Cipanon. You can also get to the Liwungan Island by speedboat rental. On an island inhabited only Liwungan supposedly a married couple, you can enjoy views of the Sunda Strait and charm mountain child of Krakatoa.

Tanjung Lesung is really nice spot to visit. Hopefully these traveling tips to Tanjung Lesung could help you who want to visit the beauty spot in Pandeglang, Banten. Happy vacation!

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