Incredible Secret in Maluku: Banda Island, Maluku

Indonesia is a country with beautiful natural scenic that people cannot miss! It has lots of beautiful and natural views that are able to impress and even attract many tourist to come. One of them is Banda Islands that is located in Maluku, East Indonesia. Not a few people already know that Banda Islands is already popular since long times ago, especially since it has wonderful and awesome destination that best for the diver. Besides, it also has great views and colors for the travelers to enjoy. Consequently, it becomes the heaven for the divers all over the world to dive. Besides, many people also come to see the beauty of Maluku that from the history, it is known as one of many historical sources of Indonesia that you can see. Therefore, because many people want to know about the beauty and the incredible Banda Islands, we are helping you with provide some accurate information. Here they are!

How to Reach Banda Island in Maluku?

Before you are planning go to Banda Island in Maluku, make sure that you already know and learn about the location of Banda Islands. So, Banda Islands is located in the Bandaneira, Central Maluku, in Maluku Province. This place, Banda Islands, is located quite far from Ambon that is 132 kilometers of the South East. To reach this place, Banda Islands, you can go and take flight from Denpasar that will has a transit in Makassar. Besides, flying from Denpasar, Bali you also can start your journey and flight to Ambon, it also will has one stop at Makassar. After arrived at Ambon, you have to fly again with the little plane one that will lead you to the Banda Naira. For your information, the flight to the Banda is only once a week. As result, it makes Banda becomes the one that many people is waiting and looking for, especially for the divers who are figuring out the heaven for diving. After arrived at Banda Naira, you can go by boat that will cost you Rp 150.000,00 until Rp 500.000,00. Hence, it will be good for you to be able in bargaining the prices. In addition, if you want to stay for a while in Banda you can rent a room that cost Rp 80.000,00 until Rp 3.000.000,00.

The Beauty of Banda Islands

In Banda Islands, it is known as the volcanic islands. By having the volcanic islands, you can spend you days especially best for you who love to dive. The reason is that Banda Islands has amazing sea and under the sea that beautiful with its natural scenic. The water also warm and it is completed with various fish and anemone that beautiful with their colors. Besides, Banda Islands also has many beautiful spots to dive, more than twenty-five spots are known as the amazing spot to dive. Here, I want to suggest you that will be the best options for you to dive that is; Pulau Hatta, Pulau Syahrir Batu Kapal, Pulai Ai, and even Pulau Keraka. However, you have to rent a boat that actually will cost you higher, that is around Rp 1.000.000,00 until Rp 3.000.000,00.

Briefly, you will not be able to imagine how beauty it is. So, the only way that you can do is to come and see. Happy Holiday!

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