Indonesia Truly Asia: Tourist Spots in East Kalimantan

Looking for some information about tourist spots in East Kalimantan?

Indonesia is a country filled with wonders and perfect tourist spots. Some of you (if you are a non-Indonesian reading this) might already knew of one place in Indonesia which is famous for becoming one of the most visited tourist spot in Indonesia: the island of Bali. Bali is that place where many call as a tropical paradise and many tourists visit the place because it is as it is: a heaven for beach lovers.

But now I am not here to talk about Bali. You see, Indonesia is a huge country with four major islands. I am tired with the paradigm where people told me that Indonesia only has Bali island for tourists to visit (seriously, many has told me about it and they say Indonesia lacks vacation places). This is irritating, and of course is very wrong. I now have found it in me to correct them and to right the wrongs of that exact paradigm. Now, I am here to talk about another vacation spots in another part of Indonesia where people often disregard because it is not as well developed as Bali or Jakarta: East Kalimantan.

East Kalimantan is a place where people often say where it lacks vacation spots. I say that these people are wrong. East Kalimantan, although not as prestigious as Bali or Jakarta, have places that is worth a visit. Do you want to know more about these places? Then check out the list below because I will list several places in East Kalimantan that you, as a tourist (from another island in Indonesian or foreign tourist) can go to if you ever want to see the sights of East Kalimantan.

Kutai National Park

Kutai National Park nearly has the same name as Kuta Beach in Bali (or Lombok), but the place is very much different. One is a national park while one is a beach (if it is not obvious). If you are not a fan of parks, I suggest you stay away from this place because this place is the ‘parkest’ (I do not know whether there is a word ‘parkest’, but I know you get my meaning) place in East Kalimantan.

The park is 3 hour drive from Samarinda with a car, the provincial capital of East Kalimantan. Located near Bontang, you can find several Bugis people settlements near the park (not only natural, this place is also culturally rich). In the park, you can also see a primate by the name of Orang Utan (which means people of the jungle in English. Named so because they resemble people with lots of hair). If you are curious about Orang Utan, then you should go there quickly because their number is dwindling.

Sting-less Jellyfish Lake


It is very rare to see a jellyfish that does not sting, but you can find a collection of them in Pulau Kabakan, a place in East Kalimantan. The sight of jellyfish swimming is a boon for people looking for great sight. To get to this place, you have to pay a small sum of Rp 10,000 (which is in my opinion, is very cheap). Because the jellyfishes does not sting, you can swim and snorkel around them without the fear of getting yourself stung.

Kampung Nasi Kuning

For you people who wanted to go on a culinary journey,



then you should put Kampung Nasi Kuning of Samarinda in your list. Nasi Kuning (yellow rice in English) is a dish that is often eaten with many additions (such as egg, crispy potato stick looking thing, tempeh, and sambal is often added). For your information, the rice is not yellow because it is actually yellow. The rice is yellow because of the spices used to cook this dish. The nasi kuning vendors are open only in the night and will stay like that until the dawn.

Oh, and the price range is Rp 10,000 until Rp 18,000 (depends on what you order your nasi kuning with)


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