Indonesia Truly Asia: Tourist Spots in West Java

Are you in store for an article about tourist spots in West Java? Java may not be as vast as other island in Indonesia, but that does not mean Java lacked tourist spots that are worth a visit. Java, unlike any other islands of Indonesia, is densely populated, so you will not find places like national parks (well you can find them, but they are severely lacking in numbers compared to national parks in other islands). What you can find though, is a more modern version of those parks and recreation areas, so if you feared the nature but you still want to see what Indonesia has to offer, you should book a ticket to Indonesia and go to West Java immediately. Sure we have no ultra-futuristic recreational parks or super natural vacation spots, but what we offer to you is a balance between the past and the future. We aim to satisfy our guests with the combination of the natural resources that nature has provided us and the talented hands of modern people, crafting a combination of old and new that everyone will surely appreciate.

Now after the rambling is done, let us talk a little about West Java.

Java is divided into three areas. Those areas are West Java, East Java, and Central Java. Each areas got their own things to be proud of, and West Java got their very own place that they can show to two other Javas. Why? Check out this list below to understand what West Java has to offer:

Taman Safari Indonesia Zoo, Cisarua

Sure Indonesia got lots of zoos, but those zoos tremble upon the mention of Taman Safari Indonesia Zoo. Located in Cisarua, Taman Safari Indonesia is an hour drive from Jakarta (via the highway of course) and you have to go through a mountain to visit this place.

This place is a place where childhood memories are made (at least for me). The place is a different kind of zoo. Why different? Because in this zoo, before you go to the playground (which is stocked with lots of things to do), you are treated with a tour of animals in your very own car. The zoo officials made it so that it looks like you were driving in the middle of an animal habitat, so you can see the animals from the comfort (and the safety, because carnivorous animals are in there too) of your very own car.

Animal shows are abundant in here, and if you ever feel cold, you can always visit the local vendor and get yourself a hot drink that will warm your body. The ticket price can be a bit steep (in 2010, it is somewhere near Rp 100,000), but the place will give you an adventure of a lifetime.

Tangkuban Perahu

Ah, another mountain to visit. Must be tiring for you mountain wanderers, eh?

Well you should not be tired because this mountain is somewhat different from any other mountains. Do you want to know why? Because in other mountains, you have to do some climbing to reach the peak and to see the whole beauty of the mountain. This place caters to you lazy people (including me), because you do not have to climb to see everything that this mountain has to offer.

The entry price is not too expensive, either. With only Rp 15,000, you can earn yourself an entry to this place.

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