Jakarta: Three Tourist Spots at the Heart of Indonesia that You Should Visit

I love Jakarta. I am Jakarta born and raised and there is nothing I would like to do but to show more of Jakarta to the world. I mean, Jakarta isthat kind of city for me, where you can get everything as easy as breathing (for those with no breathing problems). Jakarta, aside from being one of the biggest city in Indonesia, is easily one of the place where tourists are aplenty. Sure Jakarta is not as beautiful as Raja Ampat or Toba Lake, but the city got plenty of attraction. Jakarta tourist spots are a lot, and these place are worth a visit at least once in your lifetime if you are a person who like to travel. Below I will tell you all about the places that you should visit when you are in Jakarta, be it alone or with your family.

Monumen Nasional

Monumen Nasional (or Monas like we people of Jakarta like to call) is a historic place in Jakarta. It is the tallest monument in the city (or perhaps in the country) and its historical value is not to be taken lightly of. We Indonesians are proud of Monas for several reasons, and tourist should feel obliged to visit this monumental monument when they are in Jakarta. In Monas, you can take the elevator to the top of the monument and you can see the breathtaking view from up there. Down below Monas you can find the record of Soekarno reading the Indonesian declaration of independence. If you are the kind of person who respect historical value in everything, then Monas should be the place you should visit when you are in Jakarta.

Pulau Seribu

Kepulauan Seribu (the Thousand Isles) is also a place where you should visit if you are in Jakarta. I do not whether there are a thousand of island in that place, but the number of island is so many, that people started to call it Pulau Seribu (it is Indonesian for the Thousand Isles). Take a speed boat from Marina bay in Ancol and you can go to collection of small isles and bigger ones. I once visited Putri Island and Ayer Island and those two are one of the most beautiful island I have ever visited. There are resorts in those two island too so you can stay and relax in there.

Ancol Dreamland

Last but not last, there is Ancol Dreamland in Jakarta. This place here is like the most visited place in Jakarta aside from the shopping malls. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (it is the Indonesian. Way longer than the English one, right?) is the place where you could walk the sandy beach or dine the many Indonesian nautical culinary. You can also feast your eyes on one of the most largest gong in the Java island and stay at the seaside view hotels in there. If you like beaches, then you should like Ancol.

I know Jakarta may not be the most perfect city out there, but those three are only a handful of the the many Jakarta tourist spots. I hope you have it in you to visit Jakarta and enjoy your stay in there

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