A Mountaineer’s Guide to Indonesia: Puncak Jaya Wijaya

Indonesia has lots of challenging mountains and climbing Puncak Jaya Wijaya (Cartenz), Papua, can also be a challenge for some people. I knew many people who are mountaineers (even when I am not one), and many of those people have not even tackled this particular mountain as well. I have asked several people who dared this mountain, and even they said that the mountain will not be an easy climb for amateur mountaineers. For you people who are interested in climbing this mountain, then you should be lucky because finding an English article about this mountain is pretty hard.

But before we start, it is always wise for us to talk about Mount Cartenz to begin this article. Mount Jayawijaya (Indonesian called it Jayawijaya and that is how I am going to call it now. I am a stranger to Cartenz) is one of the tallest mountain in the world, and many has come to call it as one of the seven summits of the world (with 4884 metres from the sea level, no wonder they call it that). It is one of the many mountains in Indonesia. What separates it from any other mountain in Indonesia is the fact that this mountain has snow in its summit (you heard me right folks, snow. Snow is such a rare sight in Indonesia that even I am a little bit excited when I hear there is snow in Indonesia). Because it is tall (even taller from the clouds or so I have been told), the snow started to gather at the place and it formed a triangular shaped snow mountain heads.

Now, climbing Jayawijaya is like climbing any other mountains, with only a few differences. This article here will list all of the things that you should know before you climb this mountain. Check it out below:

  1. Mental strength and physical strength, a big amount of them

Well, this rule apply to any other mountain, but because the place is taller than your ordinary mountain, you need both of them in large amounts. Sure if you climbed in other mountains already, you might think that Jayawijaya is not that hard, but appearance can be deceiving. Without the mental strength, you will give up even before you reached the summit.

Physical strength is obvious; if you are the kind of person who rarely workout, do not even think that you can tackle this mountain easily. You will not.

  1. Money, in huge amount

Because this place is kind of popular with mountaineers, the people in there has started to ask these mountaineers for money. In dollars, you have to pay at least $ 8,000 until $11,000. If you are an enthusiast, then spending that amount of money will not be something hard for you (I will feel cheated if I have to spend that amount of money).

  1. The endurance to endure the lack of comfortable accommodation in Papua

I think this section is the most unimportant one because many mountaineers find it ordinary for them to stay in uncomfortable places, but you should know this one if you cannot afford to not be comfortable. You see, even in Indonesian standard, Papua lacks places that can be comfortable to stay at. To stay in a comfortable place, you need to open up your wallet once again.

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