Nature Traveling to Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani, located in north Lombok Island is not new place to Indonesian and foreign citizens. Mount Rinjani has a height of more than 3,700 meters above sea level which is the star attraction on the island of Lombok. The second highest mountain in Indonesia has become one of the mountains that currently towering ceiling of the island of Lombok. To get to rinjani you must pass through two pathways are already in the set could first pass and the second pass Sembalun Senaru. There are also plenty of cheap accommodation such as Jhon Adventure and more.

Natural views at Mount Rinjani have been a favorite for most climbers, who are mostly among nature lovers, students, local residents and foreign tourists. Before traveling to Mount Rinjani, it is better to consider these things below.

When is the Appropriate Time for Traveling to Mount Rinjani?

July and August is the month in which the Mount Rinjani much visited by tourists. For most mountain climbers, reached the summit of Mount Rinjani not only to enjoy the natural scenery, but for them also many argue as certain satisfaction because they can conquer the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

Total climber of Mount Rinjani increase every year, and most of the climbers are students of nature lovers from various regions in Indonesia. Often the students to make the climb to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day on the peak of Mount Rinjani is in August. But you have to remember also that in August there is often a strong wind at the top of Mount Rinjani.

Panoramic Beauty of Mount Rinjani

Aside from the stunning beauty of natural scenery, Mount Rinjani also has another uniqueness that has a wide variety of flora and fauna. When you climb Mount Rinjani, you will see amazing natural phenomenon. On top of the climb about 1,000 meters you walk towards the top will see different types of flora different, such as at an altitude of 2,000 meters there you will see the beauty of evergreen trees mountain, and above an altitude of 3,000 meters will see a lot of edelweiss flowers that pep in a trip to the mountain top.

For fauna that can be encountered are various types of birds, hedgehogs, silver monkey, deer, long-tailed monkeys, and many more. You also need to remain cautious when making the climb to the mountain because sometimes animals Gunung Rinjani is quite mischievous, especially long-tailed monkeys like infiltrated into the tent climbers and took some food in the tent.

Climbing Package Mount Rinjani

Because the risk is high, it is advisable to climb Mount Rinjani ccompanied by a guide from straying. At Mount Rinjani there is usually a lot of tour packages that offer climbing services, ranging from packages for beginners, professional package, up to half-way package. By selecting one of these programs, you will be safer from the danger of getting lost. Tour packages are also usually provide goods carrier climbers and lend some tools such as cooking equipment, tents, and other supplies that will allow you. So no need to bother to bring a lot of climbing equipment and you only need to bring personal items needed then left to enjoy the charm of Mount Rinjani.

Usually to be able to get to the summit of Mount Rinjani, climbers will travel for 2 nights for climbers who are professionals, and 3 nights for novice climbers. Therefore, you should be prepared to bring food that is sufficient and adequate equipment to conquer the challenges of the mountain.

Prepare equipment in a mature and mentally if you want to do nature traveling to Mount Rinjani. Do not underestimate and minded if mountain climbing is easy. Think safety is more important than taking pictures.

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