Note These Important Tips Before Travel to Mount Bromo!

Bromo Mountain with an elevation of 2392 meters above sea level is an active volcano surrounded by sand which reaches 10 km2. While the temperature in this area can reach 2º to 20º Celcius.dengan temperatures so cold, makes this place to be the most unique in eastern Java.

Prior to trip to Mount Bromo, you need to prepare everything in advance so that everything goes smoothly. Due to careful planning is the key to an enjoyable trip. Let’s look at some tips before travel to Mount Bromo below.

  1. Planning a Trip

You need to know, Bromo mountain tourist spot is very much in demand by tourists both from East Java and outside Java east. So many tourists visiting Mount Bromo, the inn will be increasingly hard to come by. Therefore, you must choose the right time so as not constrained by the inn.

  1. Choose the Right Time

For the best time, we recommend you take a sightseeing trip to Mount Bromo when the dry season in the months of May to October. Why summer? Because this season you will see the sunrise bigger and rounder kemerahan.dan at this time that you can explore Mount Bromo travel more freely, giving a sense of security and comfort of travel.

  1. Early Booking Hotels

If you plan to stay in Bromo, it is better booking hotel/lodging ahead of time is a must. Especially if you plan to travel on a weekend, it is definitely crowded at all. Besides lodging, you also must book Jeep (cars off the road that will be used to explore Mount Bromo). You would bother once booked the jeep after arriving at Bromo, but it also becomes more expensive price.

  1. Prepare Physical

Sure, going travel to Mount Bromo is not like climbing a mountain which is a lot of preparation. However, you need to know that the weather in the Bromo was cold, not to mention the need to climb 250 stairs to see the crater of Mount Bromo. Therefore the physical fit, endurance is not easy to drop the face of climate change.

  1. Check & Service Vehicles Before You Go

To maintain the safety of your journey, check and service first private vehicle would you use to take a trip to Mount Bromo. Along the way you will pass a winding road and uphill. Don’t forget to keep gasoline filled, because since there is rarely a seller of gasoline in the area near the top of Mount Bromo.

  1. Keep Together If Riding Motorbike

The trip would be fun if done together with friends, especially if have the same hobbies. Because if one of the vehicles you going technical obstacles in the way, there are friends that are ready to help you. Also please note that in addition to the winding terrain, in the vicinity are still rare residential areas.

  1. Clothing and Equipment

Cold air in Mount Bromo is a challenge that we must face, because the air temperature can reach 10 degrees Celsius. In addition to physical fitness, clothing and equipment also have to prepare well. Here are some recommendations that we suggest with regard to clothes should be prepared prior to travel:

Thick jacket. – Recommended jacket is a jacket that can withstand the cold air and not just a fashion jacket. You also need to bring some long sleeve shirts that you can wear before wearing the jacket.

Thick Trousers – Try to wear outdoor trousers, because the material is pretty thick and can protect the feet from the cold. These pants are usually worn by mountain climbers.

Scarves, Skullcaps and Gloves – Because the jacket cannot cover the entire body, so it’s good you equip it with scarves, skullcaps, and gloves. Scarf is useful to protect your neck from the cold, and skullcaps to protect the head in order not to feel the cold air. It is useful also to cover the ears to stay warm. If you forget to bring this equipment, do not worry because around Mount Bromo many of which sell a variety of scarves, skullcaps, and gloves there although the price will be slightly more expensive.

Shoe – Never imagined in your mind to use the sandals in the middle of the cold air. Besides contours of the road to be traversed mostly rocky and slippery, hiking boots or shoes will be more useful than sneakers because in addition to powerful this type of shoe will protect you from injury.

Flashlight – This is useful when you want to enjoy the sunrise, because you will begin to climb in when the sky still dark before it reached the top. Illumination of the flashlight will greatly help you tread the path that terjal.dan remember always careful in the way.

Mask – Because the place is in the midst of the sand, then the mask is very important to protect our nose and mouth from exposure to sand dust can cause coughing and sore throat.

Glasses – It is not about to create a style, it could protect the eyes from dust.

  1. Camera and Friends

Travel to Mount Bromo requires much struggle and preparation, that’s why camera is a tool that one of you shall take it. It will be a big loss has been painstakingly achieved but you cannot get cool photographs, moreover photograph with the background sunrise. Tripod is also important to carry, because you can find free photographer there. Do not forget the batteries in charge. Besides the camera, note also your cell phone, make sure the battery is always fully charged or bring the powerbank for precaution.

  1. Bring Food and Drink

There is a lot of food vendors that you anticipate, but it is better if you bring some snacks to anticipate the hunger that comes, especially in the cold air. The price of food sold there are relatively more expensive.

  1. Prepare Enough Cash

Bring cash as needed during a trip to Mount Bromo to fund your travel plans and activities over there, because you could not find an ATM machine around these sights. Make sure that you will not experience money shortage; it can screw your vacation.

  1. Pursuing Sunrise

One of the top tourist destinations are looking at the beautiful sunrise, because of Mount Bromo sunrise is going to look beautiful all. If you want to see it, then you should depart earlier from the inn. You will meet other travelers who also want to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. It is becoming a very enjoyable trip.

  1. Do Not Be Easily Influenced By People Who Offer Services

If there are people who offer to take you to the top of Mount Bromo, do not easily influenced, because there are some of these people just take advantage of our ignorance. It’s good if you bring a friend who has ever been there. But if you really need these services, bid the price they offer. Because the prices they offer are usually too high and do not correspond with the services that they provide.

Well, that’s super complete tips before traveling to Mount Bromo. It may be useful so that your holiday will run smoothly and fun. Happy vacation!

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