Selat Lembeh; New Hidden Paradise for Underwater Macrophotography

If you are underwater traveler, but has limited budget for visit Bunaken, then visit Selat Lembeh for enjoy underwater activity that similar with Bunaken. Selat Lembeh becomes alternative underwater tourist attraction in South Sulawesi after Bunaken. Bunaken becomes world famous underwater richness. There are several activities such as diving and snorkeling activity and transparent capsule boats that have high price.  Traveling to Selat Lembeh actually cheaper rather than you visit Bunaken. From Sam Ratulangi airport in Manada, you can rent car or taxi into Bitung with Rp. 200.000. Always negotiate to pay the price because there are driver that take their price higher. Cheaper alternative to go to Bitung city is take public transportation.  From airport, take buses with Paal II route; continue with city buses into Bitung suburban area. To reach central city, from terminal then take bus. The route usually needs 1.5 hour to arrive. For accommodation option, you can choose several options include inn, hostels, or resort that offer stars hotel facility. It has spread location such as central city, suburban or into Selat lembeh. It is recommended for stay in around city. Wisma Pelaut and nalendra can be recommendation.

Selat Lembeh is small straits that that separate the mainland of South Sulawesi and Lembeh Island. Selat Lembeh has 20Km length that become the main tourist destination in Bitung City. This is hidden paradise for underwater photography that not strange for foreign countries traveler. To support the development of Selat Lembeh there is many support that always done by government and tourist agents. Most of resort has facility for diving and underwater facility. If Bunaken is famous with its richness of coral reef than Selat Lembeh is famous with unique biota water diversity. In fact, selat Lembeh do not have coral reef richness and diversity such as Bunaken. The interesting activity in Selat Lembeh is muck dive, the diving activity between sea garbage. There are many varies of garbage such as can, bottle and ship wreck that become places for fish and biota that live and hiding from sea predator. In records, there are many groups of octopus and cutlet that only found in this strait.

After enjoy diving and underwater photography in Selat Lembeh, then you can enjoy around tourist activity in Bitung such as Dua Saudara Mountain, Tandurusa flora and Fauna Park, Nona Stone and beach Tanjung merah. The education history travel destination such as Trikora Mandala Sakti in Lembeh Island can add knowledge for your history lesson. If you want to explore farther more in Selat Lembeh you also need visit in month where Selat lembeh Festival event held. There are many events and activities that interested to take part. It is best time for visit this island.  Here are several spots that you need to visit in this strait

  • Nudi Falls this is a vertical stones where you can see coral house with unique biota system.
  • A hair ball is weird spot that popular in Selat lembeh.
  • Critter hunt located in north of island and offer diving activity.

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