South Jogjakarta New Tourism Attraction

Bantul is located in south Jogjakarta and this town has popular as paradise for high arts hunter. Bantul is rich with high culture and arts that famous into world and the crafts also popular in the world. Besides of arts and culture the south Jogjakarta is also hidden the paradise of tourist attraction that raises the popularity recently. Parangtritis is the most famous beaches in South Jogjakarta that famous in Bantul. But this new tourist attraction will bring you different experience when you are travel in Jogjakarta.

  • Galaxy Water Park.  Bantul now has new water park with wide selections of water playground that available for any ages starts from kids to adult. This is perfect travel destination for all family.
  • Next is Siluk Bridge. Bridge tourism becomes “hits” in the recent years. There are many new bridge attractions that purposes for tourist attractions.  Siluk hanging bridge is new attraction that offers unique design for photography spot. The bridge is located in Imogiri forest hill.
  • Pine Forest Mangunan.  This is new spot for those who want to explore nature beauty in greenery forest of pine.  Not only use for national park, this also offer best spot for relaxing spot.
  • Becici Top. Mount Merapi becomes the epic view when tourist visits this Becici Top. The panorama view clearly to view from view huts that build on pine tree. This forest also become one spot that interesting for enjoying Jogjakarta landscape from high view.
  • Tri Panujung Top end. Against directly with Sri gethuk waterfall, Tri Panjung called with twins that separated with Oyo river. The hills has three top and there is separated waterfall slides that break and against the bushes into river. Tourist can spend time to rest in gazebo and huts.
  • Randusari Waterfall. Located in Rejosari village, this is twin waterfall that offers rappelling activity for those who loves high activities challenge.
  • Waterfall Lepo. This might seems similar with Erawan falls in Thailand. N Dlingo village, there is three waterfalls tiers with four nature ponds that usually uses for bathing and playing water. The cool water sensation will feel when touched with the water. This water spot also provide camping spot ground for those who want to enjoy night view in this village.
  • Pulosari waterfall. Located in deep of canyon makes this waterfall also called with Jurang Pulosari waterfall. The waterfall is slides from the stalactite in 5 meter height.
  • Watu Lumbung education village. If you planning education travel with your children, then this village should become in your list. This is education village where you can see  beautiful panoramic view in Jogjakarta and education sites such as libraries. Your children can learn cooking class, or donate book for the library.

Jogjakarta is city that offers never ends tourist attraction. The friendly people, beautiful nature and landscape, high culture and art become the main attraction from Jogjakarta tourism. Most of section in Jogjakarta offers tourist attraction in different view and focus. When you travel in Jogjakarta, do not forget to visit unexplored new tourist attraction for enjoying quiet and pleasant tourist attraction.

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