Surfing Lesson for Beginner in Selong Belanak, Lombok

Nowadays, surfing has gaining its popularity as one of the famous water sport around the world. Many people also attract to it because it is considered fun yet challenging. They also want to learn how to surf well and balance their body on the surf board with big current and waves. Today, we will share you the best surfing spot for beginner and the surf lesson in the area. We will guarantee that you will love the spot immediately. You will have an unforgettable experience for your first surfing experience.

The location

The place that is perfect for beginner to try surfing and takes surf lesson is in Selong Belanak, Lombok. This beach is very beautiful with breathtaking view and good waves. From Mataram, the journey takes around two hours. If you come from Bali especially in the direction of Kuta, Bali, the journey takes around 30 minutes. You don’t need to worry about the road access since it is very good compare to several years ago. It was bumpy and many holes here and there. But nowadays, many drivers drive comfortable on the black and hard asphalt graced along to the road of the beach.

To visit this beach with such an easy access like that, you also don’t need to pay anything but parking fees. This beach has no admission fee but you need to pay around Rp 3.000 for the parking lot. That’s why this beach is always crowded by local visitors and even foreigners.

Surfing in this beach and the waves

This place is indeed perfect place for those who look for a tranquil spot to relax. But this beach is more perfect for those who want to learn riding the waves with surf board! Many people come here for surfing because the waves are not too big and extreme enough especially for beginners. No rock that can hurt you and the clear water will surely enough to get you going. That’s why it is the most suitable condition for practice surfing. It also much cleaner compare to other beaches in Lombok and Bali.

The way to learn surfing

If you learn surfing in Selong Belanak, you will learn the basic board skill, how to ride the waves, padding and also about the surf safety. You can contact them by email whether you want to join the class privately or by group.

There is no doubt that Selong Belanak in Lombok is the best surfing spot for beginner. So, what are you waiting for?

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