The Beaches of Indonesia: A Hearty Guide for the Beach Lover

Looking for some information about the beaches of Indonesia? Indonesia is a maritime country and a maritime country without beautiful beaches is the same as a Tyrannosaur Rex without a collection of teeth in its mouth. Indonesia is not a toothless T-Rex, and as the one of the largest maritime country in the world, there are beautiful beaches aplenty in Indonesia. Indonesia is a heaven for beach travellers and beach lovers, as we have lots of beautiful beaches in the country. If you see yourself as someone who love to love beaches and loves to walk around feeling the sand on your bare feet, then you should go on reading this article.

Of course, I, as the Good Samaritan (or the good Indonesian, if I am literarily speaking) will tell you all about the beautiful beaches that you can find in Indonesia. Check the list below for a quick and comprehensive guide on beautiful beaches in Indonesia:

Kuta Beach Bali

Who does not know of Bali? Bali is an island along the East Coast of Java and many travellers from around the world opt to choose Bali as the place to visit when they want to go to Indonesia. Though Bali was once the place of not only one but two bombing tragedies, tourists decided that the price they paid is worth the view.

There are many beaches in Bali, but one of the most interesting of them all is of course the Kuta Beach. In this place, you can get a suntan by the warm sands and you can get your hair braided by the many talented braiders in this beach. Go to the nearest stall to get yourself a fresh serving of coconut juice. Body painting are abundant for those who wanted to get their body painted and the sands are pleasurable in Kuta beach. If you visit Bali but you skipped Kuta, you are a scrub.

Kuta Beach Lombok

Yeah, yeah I know the beach in Bali and the beach in Lombok have the same name (we Indonesian can get a little non-creative at times), but names are not the only thing these two places have in common. They have the same beauty to it and you can surf in there! Surfers, Kuta beach Lombok should be one of the place you visit if you ever want to ride the wave of Indonesian waters.

Lovina Beach in Bali

Bali is one of the most beautiful place in the world and it shows. There are two beaches from Bali in here already, and I write this simply because there are no other beaches like the three. Lovina beach is another addition to this list and I have good reasons to put it in here. If you ever want to dive to see the beauty of the ocean floor, then Lovina beach is the place to visit. Go off coast with a boat and ride together with dolphins for dolphin enthusiast.

All in all, those three are the most beautiful of the beaches of Indonesia. Be sure to visit them if you ever think of finding the perfect beach to hang around.


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