The Benefits of Gado-Gado and Simple Ways to Make it

Many people in this world know that Indonesia is not only popular with its culture, but also traditional food. One of them is Gado-Gado or usually known as Javanese Salad or Salad from Java. This traditional food from Indonesia has such a great taste that you will not forget once you ever tried! The reason because there are many surprises that you will get when you are trying this lovely food, Gado-Gado. Besides known because of its great taste, Gado-Gado or Javanese Salad also known as the traditional food that beneficial for our health and even has a lot of vitamins that best for our body’s need. Therefore, for you all who want to know the benefits of Gado-Gado for health and even know how to make it, just keep reading these following information. Let us check it out!

The Benefits of Gado-Gado for Our Health

Gado-Gado or usually known as Salad from Java is one of many traditional food that born among Javanese people. It has unique look because there many vegetables that combined into one food result. However, related to the taste it cannot be denied that Gado-Gado has wonderful taste that people always love to try it again. Besides, known as one of many traditional food from Indonesia that has unforgettable taste, Gado-Gado or food that mostly called as Javanese Salad in Western has lots of benefits and even vitamins that good for our health! It has many vitamins; such as vitamin A, C, D, and E that found in these kinds of vegetables in Gado-Gado. Furthermore, the energy that produces when you eat Gado-Gado, it has 203 calories, so it best for you to pass the day with this food as your supplement! Moreover, Gado-Gado also contains protein that is 6,7 gram, so for you who need more protein you just can try this lovely food from Indonesia. Not only contains energy and protein, Gado-Gado contains fat around 8,7 gram and even carbohydrates 24,6 gram. For the calcium and zinc, it takes 21 mg and 2,08 mg. Hence, from all of those vitamins, it can be concluded that Gado-Gado is best for our health because it also good for us since Gado-Gado contains antioxidant also. Besides, it is also able to help us to avoid the free radical and cancer.

Simple Ways that You Should Try to make it

There are many versions that you can try, in order to make Gado-Gado. However, in this article we no need them who are confusing or even complicated because here, I just want to share the ingredients and ways related to make Gado-Gado based on my experience. So, the first thing that you should prepare the vegetables; such as cucumber, potatoes, bean sprouts, tempeh, cabbage, water spinach or usually called as kangkung, and tomatoes. The vegetable should be boiled first. You also can add an egg that is already boiled into Gado-Gado later. Next, to make the peanuts sauce, you have to fry the peanuts first. Then, prepare some ingredients, such as; chili, garlic, red sugar, lime, ginger, and salt. If it is done, just try to grind all the ingredients that needed for the peanuts sauce. If the vegetables already boiled and the peanuts sauce is done, you can gather all of those ingredients into one. Put it in the large plate, so Gado-Gado is ready!

Briefly, Gado-Gado does good for our health, especially since it contains lots of vitamins that needed by our body. Besides, you just can try to make it by your own because it is simple and easy to create. Happy trying!

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