The City of Solo: Solo Tourist Spots

Wanting to know more about Solo tourist spots? Solo is that city in Indonesia that many think it is not worth a visit because it is small and attraction-less. People who think like that should read this article because this article will enlighten you about Solo, one of the big cities in Central Java.

You see, Solo is small, but that does not mean Solo does not have places to go or sightseeing to do. No, sir, that perception is anything but right. If you look at the map, yeah sure Solo is not as big as Jakarta or Surabaya or even her neighbour Jogjakarta, but Solo is filled to the brim with places to go. This article in here will serve to change the paradigm that Solo is barren and not fun.

Why Should I go to Solo if there are Jakarta or Surabaya?

Because Solo is the place where Central Javanese culture rests and grow upon. People would argue that Jogjakarta is the place for that, but in my opinion, Jogjakarta is too modern for my cultural taste. You will find less of the Javanese humility in Jogjakarta, but go around Solo and you will find that the centre of Javanese culture is on the spot. You will not find anything like that in Jogjakarta, even more so in Jakarta and Surabaya.

If Jogjakarta got Candi Borobudur, (it is not even them per se. If we talk regional, Borobudur is Magelang’s) then Solo got Candi Cetho. It is not the world’s heritage, but the view from the top of the candi is even more breathtaking than Borobudur. Mt. Lawu is another place close by and for those with the fetish for hiking mountains, then Mt. Lawu is one of the perfect place to go.

Then there is Kraton Surakarta. It is the most mainstream place to visit in Solo, and people often flock there to watch a parade of Solo nobility. I once watched them parade the Kraton field and boy oh boy am I very interested.  Sure it can be a little hot when the sun is out, but the culture rich environment and the parade is worth the wait.

If you want to shop but you want to avoid modern malls, you can go to Pasar Klewer in Solo. Pasar Klewer is a monumental place in Solo and in there, you can buy crafts made by local craftsmen and Indonesian souvenirs. You will also find many street food stalls in the place, and the street food will serve not to disappoint.

Any Other Reason for me to Visit Solo?

If you are not the kind of person who like to visit places, then food is always a reason to visit this city. Solo’s many cuisines will put your tongue at ease, especially for you people who did not like the typical spicy Indonesian food. Solo food are not spicy at all, even when they put a lot more spices than Medan cuisines or Padang cuisines. In Solo, feast upon the delicious timlo solo which is basically a soup with many things in them. If timlo is not your kind of thing, then there is always the delicious selat and bestik. Whether you like them sweet or salty, Solo have them all.

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