The Tropical Beauty of Indonesia: The Anambas Isles, Riau

Pulau Anambas, Riau, is one of the most beautiful collection of isles in Indonesia. Believe me when I say that this place will take your breath away. Even I, as someone who prefers the solitude of mountains (and my house of course) is excited when I saw the Anambas Isles for the first time. I have seen beautiful beaches and wonderful sights in the Thousand Isles, but when I saw the Anambas Isles, I immediately thought that the Thousand Isles is nothing compared to this one.
“But I do not know what the Anambas Isles is.”

Do not worry my friend. This is the first time I heard of this place too, and the first time I saw its images, it is wonderful. If you are interested in getting to know what the Anambas Isles is, then you should continue reading this article because this article will tell you all about Anambas and the places that you can go in there.

The question to begin all question: what and where is the Anambas Isles exactly is
To start, I want to tell you a little about the Anambas Isles.

The Anambas Isles is a collection of 238 small islands, in which only 26 of them are filled with people. When the tide is low, lagoons that connect the islands will show, so you can walk from one island to the other without the fear of drowning (well, unless you walk to the open sea. Now that is weird). It is located on the east of Malaysia, specifically in the South China Sea.

The place is wonderful really, and is often hailed as the place that can rival the beaches of Lombok and Maldives. If you thought the beaches of Maldives are a sight to behold, then you should give the Anambas Isles a try.

What can I do in the Anambas Isles?
What you usually do in beaches really. In there, you can relax on the white sandy beaches, but the waters is the main contender in here. You can go snorkelling in the blue sea and take a look at the collection of corals in Bawah Island, one of the island in the Anambas Isles.

If you have a love for waterfalls, then you should go to Temburun Village. The place got seven levels waterfall, and it is all beautiful if you ask me. If you reach the top of the waterfall, then you can see the beach and the seas. I recommend you do that if you ever found yourself in the Anambas Isles.

How much is the cost to reach the Anambas Isles?
Oh this is a very interesting topic indeed, and something that I do not like because it involves spending your money out. Now that it is clear, let us start.

I have not found any information about the individual cost of getting there, though I have found lots of travel groups that offer tour and travel packages. For example, it has come to my understanding that there is a travel group that offer to take you on a tour if you pay Rp 4,600,000 (or $340) per person. Now I would not say that the price is low, but for someone who has a steady income, I think that person can afford the tour package. It may not be that cheap, but trust me, it is worth it.

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