Three Underrated Beaches that You Have to Visit in Bali Island

Bali Island is one of the most popular islands in Indonesia. Many people in the world have known about the beauty of this island. Most of them known due to the amazing beaches that ha been offered by this island. Two most popular beaches which are never having trouble in getting tourists are Kuta Beach and Sanur Beach.

Actually, aside that two beaches, there are still so many beaches in Bali Island. Sadly, not many people know about it. Three examples of beaches which haven’t been known by so many people are Canggu Beach, Dreamland Beach and Jimbaran Beach. Even though the three of them are underrated, you can’t question their beauty. Having a less touch of human’s hand, the thee beaches has been unspoiled in many ways, so their beauty is still fresh and natural. You would never regret to visit them, even though you have to give up your time in visiting the most popular beaches, there.

For more information about the three beaches, below is a simple and clear report about them.

  1. Canggu Beach

Believe it or not, even though its name is still unknown, this beach is truly beautiful. These beaches also have been selected as a 39th beach among 100 best beaches based on CNN World. This beach has one of the best coastlines which is perfect for you who are taken a liking in surfing. Every types of waves are available in this beach, from the serious breaks to the calming and easy waves. You will get wonderful scenery, too, with the company of unpretentious scene. The mood in this beach is laid-back, too, so it will perfect for you to calm yourself down.

  1. Dreamland Beach


Dreamland Beach is a beach which is located in one island of Bali Province, called Bukit Peninsula. It is one of the most recommended beaches for you who are taken a liking in dangerous yet beautiful shore break. As it is in different island, than the main island, it is advised for you who are going to spend your time in this beach to spend a night there, too. There is a basic accommodation, there, along the companion of simple cafes. What do you need again? True surfers will never let this chances pass by, ever.

  1. Jimbaran Beach


For you who are getting of from Ngurah Rai airport, you can just head to the south in a simple walk, thenyou will see one of the best beaches you’ll ever met in Bali Island.

The ebautiful beach in your eyes is Jimbaran Beach. Jimbaran Beach is one of the beaches which is made from the coast of Jimbaran bay. This beach is coming with the interruption of cliff, which make an addition to its adventurous look. But, never be sad as you will get one of the best sunset view from this beast. Boasting perfectly beautiful scenery, it is not a wonder if this beach comes just below the Kuta Beach and the Sanur Beach in its popularity.

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