Tips for Safe and Comfortable Travel to Pulau Derawan

Travelling in the archipelago has its own challenges. You will not only overland, but also the sea, even the air. Amenities in each island are not necessarily provided as found in larger cities.

Similarly, if you are planning a trip to Pulau Derawan, Berau, East Kalimantan. To reach this island, you have to go through three pathways: land, sea or river, and air. Long travel time would be a challenge when traveling away.

For information, Pulau Derawan has four main islands commonly visited by tourists. The islands are Pulau Derawan, Charitable Island, Kakaban and Maratua Island. All four have different characteristics and charm.

Travel to Pulau Derawan needs to know the description and bagging information about Derawan Islands. These tips can help you when traveling there!


As is known, Derawan Islands located in Berau, East Kalimantan. To that end, the shortest distance is a plane ride to the East Kalimantan. Then, take the destination to Balikpapan. If through the air, flying from Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta International Airport) to Balikpapan (Sepinggan International Airport) take the travel time 1 hour 51 minutes.

The journey can be continued towards the Berau district through the air. The travel time from Sepinggan International Airport to Kalimarau Airport (Berau) is approximately 30 minutes. There are four flights from Balikpapan airport to Berau, some of which Batavia Air and Water Trigana.

Then, from Berau you have to take the sea route to reach Derawan Islands. From Kalimarau Airport, you can rent a car to the Port of Tanjung Batu. One-way rental prices are ranging from Rp 350,000. By road from the airport to Tanjung Batu is about two hours.

The second way to get to Berau Balikpapan is boarded towards Tarakan (Juwata International Airport). From the airport you can take a taxi to the port of SDF. From Port SDF is followed by fast boat (speed boat) to Tanjung Selor.

From the port of Tanjung Selor, you can ride the cars travel towards Tanjung Redeb. This is another alternative by land and sea to Berau.

From Tanjung Batu by speedboat to the island Derawan is about 20 minutes. Prices start at Rp 250,000 per vessel for a capacity of three to five people.

Well, now, you arrived on the island Derawan. If you want to go to other around the island, you can rent a boat again from Derawan. The rental price speedboat to the island around Rp 1.5 million per vessel / day. From Derawan towards Kakaban take up to two hours by speed boat. Then, from Kakaban to Charitable takes approximately 30 minutes. Keep in mind, East Kalimantan time one hour ahead of Jakarta.

Stay Options in Berau

With a long journey and travel to Pulau Derawan, then you will need lodging in Tanjung Redeb. One of them is the Hotel Bumi Segah which is across the river satiated. Hotel equipped with restaurant, meeting room, coffee lounge, ballroom, and banquet. Price starts from Rp 600,000 per night for a Superior Room which can accommodate two people.

This hotel is one of the best hotels in Berau and a favorite of business and leisure travelers. Suggested have already booked a few days in advance to be able to stay here.

Other hotel options in Berau are a simple hotel is well located in the heart of Cape Redeb. Indeed, not many hotels in Berau, because most travelers make a connection on the sea to the island Derawan and stay there.

The inn is widely available in Derawan. To stay home or stay at home residents, the rental price per day starting from Rp 125,000. You can also stay on Earth Menore Interbuana Resort with a natural feel, and buildings of wood. Prices start from Rp 385,000 per night for two people.

Other Resort is a floating cottage in Maratua, namely Nabucco Island Resort. Natural treats charming Maratua waters increasingly become a daily sight.

Bring Adequate Provision

Take cash while you are still in a big city or on arrival in Berau. In Pulau Derawan, you will not find automatic teller machines or ATMs.

Arriving on the island Derawan, of course you want to surround another island such as local Charitable Island, Kakaban and Maratua Island. If your goal for the dive, take diving equipment from many Derawan provides rental services diving equipment and snorkeling.

To capture the unforgettable moments, bring a camera. It would be better if you also carry an underwater camera (underwater camera). By bringing the underwater camera you can capture the corals and beautiful fish under the sea. Especially when swimming in the lake jellyfish Kakaban. Such lakes are only two in the world, you know! In Kakaban, East Kalimantan, Indonesia, and the island of Palau, Micronesia is within a few thousand kilometers from the Philippines.

Use clothing and comfortable shoes. For example, when in Kakaban, you have to go up and down stairs are quite steep. For that wear shoes are not slippery and comfortable to wear.

Then, to fill the stomach during the journey at sea, bring some food and drinks. In Kakaban and Charitable, you will have no food or drink sellers.

Keep the Environment

Safeguarding the environment it must be done every time you go anywhere, especially in the area of nature. Never leave trash on the coast, the sea, the woods, or on the streets once. The absence of landfills is not a reason for you to then littering.

Remember, when you are on a boat, it is forbidden to throw garbage into the sea. If you bring a bottle, plastic waste from the food, and then store the waste if it does not find a trash can. You can throw it after finding trash on the mainland.

Do it similarly when you’re in the car. After enjoying a light meal, remove the habits spontaneously dispose of waste from a car window. Do not forget to remind the crew, driver, co you to do this, yes. If the tourist areas clean, not just the inhabitants enjoy, is not it? But also tourists and our grandchildren will enjoy it later.

Traveling Ethics in Nature

There are some important things to keep in mind the tourists, namely ethics traveled in the wild. If you do nature tourism, not just humans that will be encountered, we also may encounter other beings that had already inhabited the island. Who are they? They are beautiful fish in the waters, turtles, birds, coral reefs, as well as plants and trees around.

Travel to Pulau Derawan will be one of the most unforgettable memories in your lifetime tourism journey. However, you should notice the tips before traveling. Happy vacation!

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