Travel to Palembang: Palembang Tourist Attractions

Looking for information on Palembang tourist attractions? Palembang is a great city in Indonesia (outside of Java of course. In Java, nothing rivals Jakarta) with lots of places to go and lots of things to do. If you are tired of Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, or Jogjakarta, then you should put Palembang on your list of places to travel. There are many attractions in Palembang and if you ever want to see Indonesia outside of Java, Palembang is the place where you should go.

“But what can I see in Palembang?” that question might be the question that haunts every people who ever hesitate on travelling to Palembang. Do not worry though, for I will help you in finding the correct answer to that question. This article will serve to help you find places to go in Palembang and I will also tell you why Palembang can still compete in terms of attracting tourists with Bali or Jakarta.

First thing first: Palembang Attractions

You can find many tourist attractions in Palembang. If you are a non-American tourist and you want to see the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco but you lacked the money to visit America, then you can always go to Ampera Bridge in Palembang. We Indonesian have come to call that bridge as the second Golden Gate because its architectural design is nearly the same. You want Palembang to take your breath away? Visit Ampera Bridge at night and feast your eyes upon the sight of night time Ampera Bridge. I can safely say that it nearly rivals the Golden Gate.

If you are a tourist who want to see other historical site in Palembang, then you can always go to the Great Mosque of Palembang. This Mosque is so big, that people started to call it a Great Mosque. This Mosque is different than your other ordinary Mosque because the place is actually pretty big. Muslims looking for religious adventure or non-Muslims who wanted to know more about Indonesian history with Islam should visit this place.

There is also Kemaro Island in Palembang. Kemaro Island is a place where there are Chinese Temple in there. The Chinese Temple, if you visit it at the right time (at the time of Cap Go Meh), will be one of the most beautiful place to visit in Palembang. The Chinese lanterns will light up the sky at that time. Unfortunately, the place can be quite empty when it is not the time for Cap Go Meh.

The Tongue Pleaser of Palembang

In the article on Solo, I write about the food that tourist can enjoy while they travel around Solo. With Palembang, this is no different. There are many staple cuisines in Palembang, but the most well-known of them all is pempek Palembang. For you who did not know about this food, pempek is like a fish cake draped in panko eaten with sweet and sour dark sauce. You can even add a spicy dark sauce for those who enjoy eating spicy food.


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