Traveling to Lombok is Always Fun

In the past, maybe people will think twice before traveling to Lombok. In addition at past transportation to Lombok is quite difficult, holiday destinations in Lombok are still much that is not known. But all that seems to have changed a lot after the Lombok has new international airport in Praya. Lombok is increasingly popular, both among traveler Indonesian and foreign tourists.

Indeed Lombok as one of the largest island in the West Nusa Tenggara Province is known for having beautiful natural scenery, and not too crowded by tourists. In Lombok, you can not only discover the super beautiful charm of underwater life, exotic beaches with fine and captivating white sand, but you can also find the typical cuisine of Lombok which are delicious and scrumptious.

Well, the holiday destinations in Lombok would prove that the island of Lombok is never boring spot to visit in Indonesia. No wonder, many people say that you can see Bali in Lombok, but not to the contrary.

  1. Three Gili in Lombok Full of Beauty Under the Sea

Indonesia is the country with most of its area oceans, because it is natural that has a wealth of incredible ocean. Three Gili in Lombok is one of many places in Indonesia, which has the charm of the beautiful underwater.

In addition to the surrounding sea water is so crystal clear, underwater life around the three Gili is so awesome. Ranging from various types of marine animals to colorful coral reefs are beautiful. You can enjoy it all with swimming, snorkeling or diving around the three Gili in Lombok. The three Gili is Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air.

The three Gili locations are easy to reach from Lombok Island, or you can also at the same time stay in Gili Trawangan, the biggest island. You can cross to the three Gili from Senggigi, or from the Port of Bangsal. There are travel agents who already provide services diving or snorkeling tour packages. From Praya Lombok International Airport, you can go to Senggigi which is only 45 minutes by taxi or bus.

  1. Enjoy the Freshness of Tetebatu Village, the Place Where You Can Relax with Maximum!

Traveling to Lombok is not only about the beach, but it also has a comfortable place that could be used for recreation and relaxation. One is the Tetebatu village, a picturesque village at the foot of Mount Rinjani. Here of course you can get the experience of different Lombok travel.

Imagine the lush green paddy fields, breezy air that gently soothes the skin, and the typical mountain fresh air. In addition people are friendly, and the atmosphere around the still calm, make this village is suitable for you who are still looking for a quiet place, complete with a lovely view.

This Tetebatu village is within 12 kilometers from the city of Mataram. To get to the village, you can use the bus from the main terminal of Mataram to the Pemotong. Arriving at the Pauk Motong Market, you can proceed with cidomo, a special carriage in Lombok. After roughly take two kilometers and take less than half an hour you will reach the village Tetebatu.

  1. Pura Batu Bolong, the Temple in Lombok with Charming Sunset

Although not as much as in Bali, Lombok also has a cool temple which is located on the waterfront. Pura Batu Bolong is located near Senggigi Beach is indeed cool because captivating sunset scenery. This temple is located just opposite the Lombok and Gunung Agung in Bali.

Pura Batu Bolong has become one of the best places to see the sunset on Lombok apart on Senggigi Beach. Here you can see the beautiful sun sink slowly to the background silhouette of Pura Batu Bolong. Cool, right?

Location of Pura Batu Bolong is not far from Senggigi, easiest anyway if heading to Pura Batu Bolong by the motor vehicle. Visit this temple towards the sunset, after a long day of snorkeling or diving.

  1. Taste the Taliwang Chicken and Plecing Kangkung, the Special Taste of Lombok

It is no secret that Indonesia has a rich culinary that should be tasted. Lombok is one of the islands that complements the taste of Indonesia varied it. Distinctive flavor in Lombok is the most famous Taliwang chicken. Taliwang chicken specialties are famous spicy food, unique taste, and so flavorful marinade.

Spicy flavor that permeated the fitting on chicken meat have certainly made the mouth does not stop chewing; the tongue that always sways to sweat profusely. Perhaps also you will stop occasionally for spiciness so turbulent.

If you still feel that it is not spicy, you can also add Plecing Kangkung as side dishes. Undoubtedly, you will get a real taste of spicy Lombok! One serving of Plecing Kangkung is customarily consists of braised kangkung plus tomato sauce made from a concoction of cayenne pepper, salt and tomato paste.

Of course, in addition to Taliwang Chicken and Plecing Kangkung, there are still a lot of unique and delicious Lombok culinary. Bulayak satay is the example. It is beef satay with Sasak taste. You also should Puyung Rice. Puyung Rice is special culinary from Lombok containing rice with shredded chicken meat in the form of processed together with chili, soya beans, sprinkles dried shrimp, shredded and fried eel. The food was delicious and this one is also found in many Puyung villages, Central Lombok.

  1. Selong Belanak Beach, Coastal for Fun Surfing and Relax

If you’re the type of traveler who likes a challenge, Lombok has a myriad of challenging destinations. For instance, there is Selong Belanak beach in southern Lombok which is a favorite place to practice surfing! Yes, surfing with waves suitable for novice surfers to the already professional!

Indeed Selong Belanak Beach has waves that are quieter, than at other beaches in Lombok. Because the beach Selong Belanak make beaches are popular among novice surfers. Besides landscaping is also so beautiful beach with sand as fine as flour.

Shorelines Selong Belanak is approximately one kilometer, the texture of the sand as fine flour and the condition is really fun. Here you can also buy fresh fish caught from local residents who work as fishermen.

Selong Belanak beach is located in South Lombok, about 60 kilometers from the city of Mataram. You can use public transport to get there, but the easiest way is to use private vehicles. Alternatively, you can stay in the Kuta area which is only a 15-minute drive from the Selong Belanak beach.

Wow, there are lots of beautiful tourism destinations when traveling to Lombok, isn’t it? Will you miss the such cool places? Happy vacation!

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