Travelling to Lake Toba for Unforgettable Experience

Lake Toba is a tecto-vulcanic lake located in the middle of North Sumatra, Indonesia. The lake is the biggest lake in Southeast Asia. Despite of the terrifying history of its formation thousand years ago, in fact, Toba is now such a heavenly place to visit. Not only is it all about the landscape around which is nearly perfect, you should also watch the unique cultures done by people around. Well, if you are interested in visiting the lake in this near future. There are some activities that you must do. Here they are.

Visiting Samosir Island

What makes Lake Toba different from other lakes in this world is that it has a small island in the middle. Samosir Island offers you the ways to enjoy Toba from many different sides. If you receive the Samosir Package you will also allow doing many other things. One of them is visiting the people of Toba Tribe which has a very unique tradition. Of course, the tradition there is rarely found outside in which the citizens are commonly already accepting the modernity more.

Using Sailboat to Go Around the Lake

Sure, you will not only see the lake from the land. If you want, you can travel around Lake Toba while enjoying the view more. However, it seems you cannot do any other activities like swimming because it is considered dangerous. Well, the lake itself is deep enough. Besides, there are many legends which prohibit people to do so. Still, even the mystery adds the exoticism and beauty of the lake, doesn’t it?

Enjoying the View from Pusuk Buhit

Another good alternative to enjoy Lake Toba more is by going up to Pusuk Buhit. So, what is Pusuk Buhit? It is basically a hill located near the lake. The path to reach the top is not difficult to follow. You should not worry since many local tourist guidances who are always ready to help you when you are there. Not only seeing the lake, you can also refresh your mind for the landscape of waterfall not far away from the spot you are standing. So, what are you waiting for?


Bakara is the land next to Lake Toba which is very well-known for its scenery. In this place, you can enjoy two things at once. The first is the lake itself while the others are the mountainous encrustation still formed from the eruption thousand years ago. The slopes around with forestry which gives more sense of magnificent can be the things you should not miss when you visit this place.


Indeed, lake Toba is definitely placed in an area which is quite difficult to reach. However, you should not worry since there are many travelling packages to ease you to get there. Besides, there are many kinds of hotels, motels, cottages, and inns where you can spend the nights more comfortably. Other facilities are also available to spoil you. With the hospitality of the local people your holiday in Lake Toba can be more and more fascinating.

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