Visit Semarang Central Java for These Reasons Even Just Once in Your Lifetime

When heard Semarang, this is small city in Central Java that bring you many surprises. This city has undiscovered beauty that able to see in the center town or in around city urban. This becomes friendly tourist cities that rare touched with commercialization, this city catered with locals. The down to earth beauty such as colonial retro cafes offer you the nostalgia moment in the city. Here are several things that you need to do when you are in Semarang and explore the city.

  • Umbul Sidomukti, Ungaran

For you who love adventure in open, wild nature view, Umbul Sidomukti has several spots that you can explore continually in the day. First, go to Umbul Sidomukti Marine Bridge that will challenge your adrenaline of height. This bridge challenges you to cross between the hills.  There also flying fox spot that you can try.  After that, take a rest in spring water pool for relax your muscle after a long day travel.

  • Mount Ungaran

In Mount Ungaran, you can visit to Desa Candi and explore the beauty of Gedong Songo Temples. Take adventure with riding horse to explore all Nine Temples that located in different hills.

  • History adventure

This city is filled with much history sites for you to visit.

      –  The first location you need to visit is the Chinese history in Java. The Sam Poo Kong Temple is place where you can find the harmony between Buddhist, Muslims, and Taoism.

      –  The Spooky Lawang Sewu is next destination that can challenge your adrenaline. This is the heritage from Dutch railway office that changed into Japanese military office. There are basement that use for jail, tortured and kill the prisoner. There is story of ghost that common sighed in the building.

  • Rawa Pening Lake

Rawa Pening is located in Semarang. This beautiful lake is lined with beautiful landscape view of mountain. The Lake is popular with the history legend behind it. The Legend said that the lake is result from little boy that stuck his stick into ground and when the stick pull out, the great hole is created and start fill the village with waters and change it become lake.

  • Culinary explore

There is popular and become Semarang culinary identity, Lumpia. Lumpia is thin pastry sheet that filled with mixed vegetables, meat, scrambled eggs and bamboo shoots. Next spot for your culinary destination is for coffee lover to taste coffee Luwak at Blue Lotus. This is best coffee house in Semarang that offers you vary coffee selections. Go to colonial time in Toko Oen and enjoy the delight dining or lunch. There is nothing change from the building since 80 years ago. The high ceiling and glass window Dutch style is great place for enjoy Chinese, Dutch and Indonesian foods menu.

Semarang is an awesome hidden quiet city in Java Island with unassuming charm. As Indonesia famous with its Bali as popular spot for tourist, then Semarang could be your next travel destination that can turn up your blank slate. Leave your Semarang city with beauty effortless strange new city exploration.

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