Visiting Danau Singkarak to Enjoy the Natural Beauty

Before visiting Danau Singkarak, you should know the complete information about the place. Danau Singkarak with an area of about 1,000 hectares is administratively included in two districts in West Sumatra, namely Solok and Tanah Datar.The largest lake after Lake Toba in Sumatra has a depth of 268 meters. The lake is located above an altitude of approximately 363.5 meters above sea level. Danau Singkarak belongs to the type of tectonic lakes because it is formed by the earth’s shifting plates. Danau Singkarak is also the headwaters of the river Ombilin and Anai River and Lake Batur as well one of West Sumatra Tourism icon.

Although it is very broad, but in this lake there are only 19 species of fish. This is because the depth of the lake makes the sun cannot penetrate the bottom of the lake so that the amount of plankton is limited.

There are many activities that you can do to enjoy Danau Singkarak, like swimming in clear water lake, canoe ride around the lake, fishing on the lake shore, participating fishermen to catch fish, or culinary tours in the stalls located around this tourist spot.

Travelers who wish to spend the night in this area could use lodging facilities such as hotels and lodges on the whole lake. If you need to have meal, you can choose where to eat that much lined up at tourist sites with a diverse menu.

This natural attraction is worth visiting while on vacation with family and friends. Access pass can be reached by land. The journey can be reached using public transport or private within 2.5 hours from the city of Padang.

For the issue of transportation, the costs are cheap enough. Costs incurred for using public transport ranged between Rp 20,000 up to 25,000. When you want to use the services of rent car, tourists need to spend about Rp 400,000 per day.

What is Interesting from Danau Singkarak?

When you have time to visiting Danau Singkarak, you can enjoy the beauty of these things;

Tour de Singkarak – Danau Singkarak is part of the Tour de Singkarak. It is an international cycling event which is always held annually. Tour de Singkarak is not only bike racing on the highway, but also the introduction of the cultural and natural beauty of West Sumatra. Along the route, participants will be treated to a view of Minang culture and natural beauty of West Sumatra.

Bilih Fish – Bilih Fish (Mystacoleucus padangensis) is special because it can only live in the Danau Singkarak. Many people who try to multiply the fish outside Danau Singkarak always failed because the Bilih fish will always die. Bilih fish are generally small with only a maximum length of about 10 cm and shiny silver colored scales. The most delicious fish consumed, fried and dipped in sauce. You can also bring the fish as souvenirs. You can buy at various stalls around this tourist spot.

The most interesting of Danau Singkarak is the growing length of time. Due to fall into the category of tectonic lakes, then the size of Danau Singkarak is still changed following the earth’s shifting plates. According to the results of research conducted by experts, the length of the lake was initially accounted for 3 km, and then it added up to 8 km, and extends to 13 km, and now it is about 23 km. The length of this lake is still expected to continue to grow. An amazing natural wonders, isn’t it?

With all the uniqueness and beauty of which is owned by Danau Singkarak, of course you will not miss visiting Danau Singkarak during the holidays, right?

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